Death Riders of Krieg

Death Riders are one of the most revered cavalry units within the ranks of the Astra Militarum. The Deathworld of Krieg has suffered so much destruction that it’s impossible for tanks & mechanical units to be deployed effectively amidst the ruins of the planet’s surface. In order to reinforce the front lines or to chargeContinue reading “Death Riders of Krieg”

Starting My Own Space Wolf Successor Part II

In part 2 of this series of articles I’m gonna deep dive a bit into what I’ve learned so far about colour schemes. I’m gonna walk you guys through what went through my mind in selecting the colour scheme for my yet to be named Space Wolf Successor Chapter. An Easy to Paint Scheme GettingContinue reading “Starting My Own Space Wolf Successor Part II”

The Novokh Dynasty

There isn’t much about the Novokh Dynasty in the 9th Edition Codex and the Internet so I’m going to take some creative liberties in my write-up. Here’s what’s official in the codex and a bit of what I’ve found online: The Novokh are the most blood-thirsty of the Necrons When they were still mortal, theContinue reading “The Novokh Dynasty”

Necrons of Note

Like any other faction in the Warhammer 40K universe, the Necrons too have a couple of hero characters. As I’m still discovering the lore behind this interesting; there are 2 characters that stand out to me at this point time. Based on what little I know of them; they are super intriguing to me. Szarekh,Continue reading “Necrons of Note”

Who are the Necrons?

In a nutshell, the Necrons are Egyptian-looking cybernetic beings who once ruled the galaxy lifetimes ago. They have slumbered for millennia and have only recently awakened to a galaxy at war. In their leaders’ pursuit to achieve immortality a bargain was struck with god-like beings called the C’Tan. Unfortunately their path to immortality was inContinue reading “Who are the Necrons?”