Anatomy of a Novokh

Hi everyone, Here’s fairly detailed post that highlights the thought process I went through in picking the colours for my Novokh Dynasty army. I’ll also show some examples and the thinking that guided me as I picked out the details that would use a particular colour. My Starting Point – Photos from the Necron CodexContinue reading “Anatomy of a Novokh”

The Novokh Dynasty

There isn’t much about the Novokh Dynasty in the 9th Edition Codex and the Internet so I’m going to take some creative liberties in my write-up. Here’s what’s official in the codex and a bit of what I’ve found online: The Novokh are the most blood-thirsty of the Necrons When they were still mortal, theContinue reading “The Novokh Dynasty”

Necrons of Note

Like any other faction in the Warhammer 40K universe, the Necrons too have a couple of hero characters. As I’m still discovering the lore behind this interesting; there are 2 characters that stand out to me at this point time. Based on what little I know of them; they are super intriguing to me. Szarekh,Continue reading “Necrons of Note”

Starting a Necron Army

If Egyptian-like killer robots are your cup of tea you can always pick up a Necron Combat Patrol which gives you everything you need for a 500 point game but just for fun I came up with an under 500 point list based on my Novokh Dynasty necrons who are more melee oriented. A boxContinue reading “Starting a Necron Army”

Who are the Necrons?

In a nutshell, the Necrons are Egyptian-looking cybernetic beings who once ruled the galaxy lifetimes ago. They have slumbered for millennia and have only recently awakened to a galaxy at war. In their leaders’ pursuit to achieve immortality a bargain was struck with god-like beings called the C’Tan. Unfortunately their path to immortality was inContinue reading “Who are the Necrons?”