Starting a Grey Knight Army

If you’re thinking of starting a Grey Knights army that harnesses the power of the warp through their Psykers here is a simple build I came up with that would give you a basic 500-point army. I’m not sure if the army would be effective but as Grey Knights are an Elite army I figureContinue reading “Starting a Grey Knight Army”

Grey Knights: The Basics

The Grey Knights are a secret order of Space Marines made up of psykers who are dedicated to combating threats of the warp. They operate as the military arm of the Inquisition’s Ordo Malleus. The Inquisition for those of you who are new to the Warhammer 40K universe, are a powerful organisation within the ImperiumContinue reading “Grey Knights: The Basics”

Hobby Time Update (11 Sept 2021)

Hobby Time has been pretty fun and even though the group is small we have some regulars in the Marzuki brothers from Putrajaya. Here’s a quick shout out to those of you who swing by yesterday afternoon for some hobbying & chatter. Seng Chea The Marzuki brothers James Peter (hope your eyes recover soon &Continue reading “Hobby Time Update (11 Sept 2021)”