Starting My Own Space Wolf Successor Part II

In part 2 of this series of articles I’m gonna deep dive a bit into what I’ve learned so far about colour schemes. I’m gonna walk you guys through what went through my mind in selecting the colour scheme for my yet to be named Space Wolf Successor Chapter. An Easy to Paint Scheme GettingContinue reading “Starting My Own Space Wolf Successor Part II”

Starting My Own Space Wolf Successor Part I

Introduction I’ve been into the Hobby for a much shorter frame compared to most enthusiasts and for some reason I felt strongly that I wanted to get as much hobbying done in a short amount of time. This has resulted in me painting up an astonishing number of Space Marines in a quick to paintContinue reading “Starting My Own Space Wolf Successor Part I”

The Good, The Bad & The Grey

3 Tips to Avoid Hobby Fatigue Since I started hobbying at the end of 2020, I’ve accumulated a large number of new & second-hand Games Workshop miniatures which has caused my backlog to explode. I really do enjoy assembling & painting my miniatures but like many others before me I’ve come to the realisation thatContinue reading “The Good, The Bad & The Grey”

Warhammer Basics (21 Aug 2021)

I’d like to kick things off in this weekend’s post by thanking everyone who joined me yesterday on Google Meet for my very first Warhammer Basics online event. I hope everyone had a good time and it was great connecting with like-minded folks as I shared a bit about what it takes to get intoContinue reading “Warhammer Basics (21 Aug 2021)”

Kit-bashing 101

Hello everyone! After spending some time painting up more Deathwatch Vets over the last few days I thought I’d just cover a topic that is daunting to anyone that’s new in the hobby. Kit-bashing. What is kit-bashing? Well, in a nutshell when you kit-bash a miniature what you’re doing is using parts from other kitsContinue reading “Kit-bashing 101”