Wrath & Glory

This weekend was a full one with a 3 hour Hobby Time session on Saturday and an extra online session today. A bunch of us gathered and did some hobbying together which for me resulted in the completion of these 2 Tactical Space Marines for my main army which at this point in time willContinue reading “Wrath & Glory”

Hobby Time Update (11 Sept 2021)

Hobby Time has been pretty fun and even though the group is small we have some regulars in the Marzuki brothers from Putrajaya. Here’s a quick shout out to those of you who swing by yesterday afternoon for some hobbying & chatter. Seng Chea The Marzuki brothers James Peter (hope your eyes recover soon &Continue reading “Hobby Time Update (11 Sept 2021)”

Warhammer+ Expectations

As 25th August approaches, all eyes in the Warhammer community is looking at the launch of Games Workshop’s new subscription service; Warhammer+. Which is what prompted me to watch the free episode of Hammer and Bolter which was available for 24 hours over the weekend. What are my first impressions? I liked it! The animationContinue reading “Warhammer+ Expectations”

Here Comes a New Challenger!

I’m pleased to welcome my childhood friend Vincent as a StormGate contributor. He’s a monster painter and has been hobbying way longer than me. Whilst I cover the more beginner aspects of the hobby that correlates to my own journey, Vincent will bring to the table more advanced stuff as contributor. Together the both ofContinue reading “Here Comes a New Challenger!”

Space Hulk: Part 2

it’s been a lazy weekend. I’ve not done a thing to finish up my Space Hulk termies and instead have been playing a whole lot of StarCraft: Remastered this week; which incidentally was almost a Warhammer 40K game but that’s a topic which I will visit one of these days. If you haven’t played theContinue reading “Space Hulk: Part 2”