KT Spec Ops Season 1: Update 02

Mission update. Planet Nightfall. Sporadic transmissions have been received from the planet’s surface and our Phobos units have rendezvoused with a crack team of Adeptus Mechanicus operatives. Later transmissions indicate that the planet could be a Necron Tomb World. A horde of Necrons emerged from the Green Skin ruins that in an attempt to haltContinue reading “KT Spec Ops Season 1: Update 02”

KT Spec Ops Season 1: Update 01

Mission update. Planet Nightfall. Our last report from the planet’s surface indicated the presence of 3 other Kill Teams operating in the sector. The heretic Thousand Sons, a mixed band of Chaos Legionaires who early sightings seem to indicate the Alpha Legion are in the sector. A squad of Kriegsmen who happened to detect theContinue reading “KT Spec Ops Season 1: Update 01”

My First FULL GAME of Kill Team

Hooray! It seems like I’m getting a lot more game time lately which has taken me away from actual hobbying. I’ve not done much building & painting lately but that’s fine cos’ it feels GREAT to be able to take my minis out for games. I finally got around to playing a complete game ofContinue reading “My First FULL GAME of Kill Team”

Orktober 2021 Update & New Kill Team

Orkober 2021 marches on and I spent yesterday afternoon’s Hobby Time to assemble the remaining Kommandos from Kill Team Octarius. All that remains now is to prime them and to paint em’ up before month’s end. So far I’ve completed 4 of them; which has been fun. But because each mini is fairly unique theyContinue reading “Orktober 2021 Update & New Kill Team”

Hobby Time Update (11 Sept 2021)

Hobby Time has been pretty fun and even though the group is small we have some regulars in the Marzuki brothers from Putrajaya. Here’s a quick shout out to those of you who swing by yesterday afternoon for some hobbying & chatter. Seng Chea The Marzuki brothers James Peter (hope your eyes recover soon &Continue reading “Hobby Time Update (11 Sept 2021)”

Hobby Time and Warhammer Basics

I’ve been mulling over a regular live activity that I can host with newcomers and old Warhammer hands alike and after spending the last month or so trying out a few things I’ve decided to just focus on one. Moving forwards, I’m fixing every Saturday afternoon at 3pm as a fixture (barring times when IContinue reading “Hobby Time and Warhammer Basics”

Kill Team Octarius Community Unboxing!

It’s finally here! Kill Team Octarius! I have a copy of the new Kill Team Octarius Starter Set and the Kill Team Compendium which details out how you can use other Warhammer 40K miniatures in the brand new game. There are other unboxing videos out there as reviewers got early copies way before this soContinue reading “Kill Team Octarius Community Unboxing!”

Kit-bashing 101

Hello everyone! After spending some time painting up more Deathwatch Vets over the last few days I thought I’d just cover a topic that is daunting to anyone that’s new in the hobby. Kit-bashing. What is kit-bashing? Well, in a nutshell when you kit-bash a miniature what you’re doing is using parts from other kitsContinue reading “Kit-bashing 101”