Space Hulk: Part 2

it’s been a lazy weekend. I’ve not done a thing to finish up my Space Hulk termies and instead have been playing a whole lot of StarCraft: Remastered this week; which incidentally was almost a Warhammer 40K game but that’s a topic which I will visit one of these days.

If you haven’t played the original you owe to yourself to give it a try. It’s a brilliant game and back in the day it was pretty mind-blowing to have 3 different factions in a RTS. Plus the campaign had an epic storyline worthy of cinema.

Space Hulk: The Video Games

Anyways, back to the point of this post. My first encounter with Space Hulk actually occurred some time during the reign of the mighty Intel 386 & 486 processors. Way back when VGA and SVGA graphics saw the world of computer games explode in burst of brilliant colour there was a small game company called Electronic Arts who somehow had acquired the license for a strategy game called Space Hulk.

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Space Hulk (1993)

The game is played in first-person view and is very similar to its modern day equivalent in Space Hulk: Tactics (which can be found on Steam and modern consoles). Gameplay in a nutshell is as follows:

  • Get briefed by your CO
  • Study the map for objectives, etc
  • Deploy!
  • Move each terminator through the Space Hulk in first-person view
  • Keep an eye on your sensors for genestealers
  • Take control of a terminator and open fire if those pesky tyranids attack

1993’s Space Hulk is tense and perfectly captures James Cameron’s movie Aliens. I remember the game being super tough so I tried playing it recently and it’s still TOUGH! As a kid I couldn’t quite wrap my head around the game and as an adult I can safely say that the UI is one of the main reasons the game is difficult. Having a security camera-styled interface makes it tough to focus on what you’re supposed to do and to also keep an eye out for Genestealers. Here’s a video of actual gameplay footage.

Space Hulk (1993) Gameplay

A Universe of Space Hulk Games

In my obsession for all things Warhammer 40K, I found out fairly recently that since 1993, there have been a whole slew of Space Hulk video games which prompted me to pick some of them on Steam. Check out this YouTube video and you’ll see what I mean.

Space Hulk: The Video Games

Space Hulk: Deathwing

I’ve also been enjoying Space Hulk: Deathwing Enhanced Edition which a colleague had picked up for me during an Xmas gift exchange. Deathwing is a basic tactical FPS made by Focus Interactive which really makes you feel like you’re Space Marine in clunky terminator armour.

The game is atmospheric and if you love seeing terminators on the table-top you’ll love it even more when you mowing down Genestealers as one. Plus in the main campaign you’re a Psyker!

I’m in the final mission which I’ve yet to complete as I’ve been distracted by hobbying and my current regular marathoning of Joss Whedon’s stellar Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Disney+ Hotstar.

In Conclusion

The point of today’s post really is that if you can’t get a copy of the board game, you can always experience the thrill & claustrophobia of Space Hulk on your PC or console.

Once I’ve figured out what kinda hobbying videos & livestreams I want to make I’ll be sure to invite some of you to participate in an idea I have for an online play session of the board game.

Hope I can finish painting up all the minis sooner rather than later!

P.S. If you haven’t yet read Part 1 of Space Hulk; follow this link – Space Hulk: Part 1.

Space Hulk: Part 1

I picked up a brand new copy of Space Hulk quite some time ago and put it into storage thinking that I’d break the box out once I’ve made bigger progress with my pile of gray but fate had other plans for me.

A month or so ago someone sold me a copy of the game second-hand for a really decent price. Which meant I could keep my shrink-wrapped copy pristine and get this new set playable. In fact, I pretty much assembled all the minis in one sitting.

As a treat for making good progress with my other minis I decided to start painting em’ as a treat. Here’s my progress so far.

Key Learnings:
  • For older minis the plastic can be quite brittle (in the case of the Space Hulk ones especially. I’m not sure what plastic was used when this set first came out back in the day
  • For minis that are chock full of detail; painting them assembly style is kinda boring; it’s a lot more interesting to complete a full mini even though it does take more time
  • It pays to brighten up the colours after a wash even though it increases the total project time
  • Space Hulk minis are pretty cool
Colours Used

The armour plating, cyborg & human bits

  • Mephiston Red
  • Rakarth Flesh
  • Corax White
  • Talassar Blue
  • Abaddon Black
  • Reikland Fleshshade (wash)

Cloth, skulls, chains, purity seals, etc.

  • Naggaroth Night
  • Retributor Armour
  • Leadbelcher
  • Ushabti Bone
  • Evil Sunz Scarlet
  • Rakarth Flesh
  • Reikland Fleshshade (wash)
  • Nuln Oil (wash)

The weapons

  • Averland Sunset
  • Retributor Armour
  • Leadbelcher
  • Retributor Armour
  • Reikland Fleshshade (wash)
  • Nuln Oil (wash)

Stay tuned for more progress on the rest of the Space Hulk minis!

Warhammer 40K 2nd Edition

The Warhammer 40,000 2nd Edition Starter Set

This is where it all started when I was 16. My family was in Melbourne visiting my aunt’s family when I stumbled upon this at a store. I managed to convince my parents to pick this up for me & my brother which is how I came to own this piece of Warhammer 40K nostalgia.

Unfortunately I never did play with them much as a teen & I had no clue how to paint em’. My brother and I couldn’t quite grasp the complex rules and it wasn’t fun to play with gray plastic; which led to the entire set going into storage until that faithful day last year when I stumbled upon the Warhammer store in Publika.

My dad brought down the set from my hometown last year; which helped to kick-off my current Warhammer 40K obsession. I can’t remember how much we paid for the set but that box certainly came with a lot of stuff. There’s a certain amount charm to these older minis and I’m glad I have em’.

Anyways, I primed and painted the Space Marine half of the set as Ultramarines and voila; they look pretty “cute”. Stocky. Cookie cutter. I love em!

If you’re a Malaysian Warhammer 40K fan, what was your first experience of the grimdark world of the 41st millennium? Do share your stories with everyone.

Thousand Sons Mobile Wallpaper

I was attending a webinar by WebinarNinja featuring Canva, which is a great tool for non-designers to churn out design work using a plethora of easy-to-use templates.

Anyways, as I was watching the webinar I got super inspired and looked around for images I had lying around my PC so I could mess around with Canva. I stumbled upon a Magnus image I had and voila!

Here’s a piece of free content for all you Thousand Sons fans in the pixelated style of the StormGate Games logo to be used as your mobile wallpaper. Just download it to your smartphone & set it as your wallpaper!

My First Post

I’ve been in the hobby for about a year now and in that short span of time I’ve grown quite a bit as a painter & hobbyist. The one thing I lack now is actual time spent playing Warhammer 40K & Kill Team games!

Even though I don’t have as much games under my belt but that’s OK I guess as it makes it all the more exciting that I’ll be able to play with all the painted stuff I have once COVID-19 is under control.

I’m really looking forward to connecting with more folks through Malaysia and beyond about the hobby in person once movement controls are loosened permanently.

And that’s something to look forward to!