Hobby Time Update (11 Sept 2021)

The result of 2 Hobby Time hangouts

Hobby Time has been pretty fun and even though the group is small we have some regulars in the Marzuki brothers from Putrajaya.

Here’s a quick shout out to those of you who swing by yesterday afternoon for some hobbying & chatter.

  • Seng Chea
  • The Marzuki brothers
  • James
  • Peter (hope your eyes recover soon & you can hobby again ASAP)

James stuck on for the whole time painting some of his Fenrisian Wolves, whilst Seng Chea came for a bit as he had a 3,000 point Necron commission to finish. One of the Marzuki brothers is still working on his Predator.

As a result of the 2 Hobby Time hang outs so far I now have 3 Grey Knights ready for the table top. I’ll probably paint up another 2 today to complete the squad of 3 for the new Kill Team.

Anyways, hope to see more of you at Hobby Time next week on Saturday at 3pm!

Hobby Time and Warhammer Basics

I’ve been mulling over a regular live activity that I can host with newcomers and old Warhammer hands alike and after spending the last month or so trying out a few things I’ve decided to just focus on one.

Moving forwards, I’m fixing every Saturday afternoon at 3pm as a fixture (barring times when I need a break but hopefully I’ll be able to recruit some volunteers to hold the fort). That time slot will either be a Warhammer Basics or Hobby Time session where the community can get together or a place for new comers to basically learn how to play various games like Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, etc.

My first painted Grey Knight which was completed during an impromptu StormGate Hobby Time

An Idea that I have is to also do topical activities such as “Creating Your Own Successor Chapter” and more where we’ll undertake these journeys together. I hope this would serve as a great place for the community to gather together especially during as we continue to work from home and just keeping safe in this pandemic.

Deets are as follows:

DateStarting 11th September 2021
DayEvery Saturday
Time3:00pm till 5:00pm (or later if everyone is free)
Tune in Every Saturday at 3pm!

Kill Team Octarius Community Unboxing!

It’s finally here! Kill Team Octarius!

I have a copy of the new Kill Team Octarius Starter Set and the Kill Team Compendium which details out how you can use other Warhammer 40K miniatures in the brand new game.

Kill Team 3.0

There are other unboxing videos out there as reviewers got early copies way before this so I’m going to do something different for the Malaysian community.

The plan isto do a Community Unboxing where I’ll let everyone call out what they want to see so we can all take a close look at the contents of the box plus we’ll also thumb through the rule books and the compendium so everyone can get a better idea of how your favourite factions can be used in the new game.

Check out the live event which will be held on Google Meet which is currently my medium of choice that makes such events more conversational.

Click the button below to respond to the Facebook Event which will help me to manage RSVPs.

Warhammer+ Expectations

As 25th August approaches, all eyes in the Warhammer community is looking at the launch of Games Workshop’s new subscription service; Warhammer+. Which is what prompted me to watch the free episode of Hammer and Bolter which was available for 24 hours over the weekend. What are my first impressions? I liked it! The animation style was nice but the story was rather simplistic.

Image Credit: Warhammer-Community.com

The episode titled “Old Bale Eye” which featured Commissar Yarrick and Ghazghkull Thraka ran at approximately 19+ minutes. It was more like a short film that gave viewers a stylish overview of the rivalry between these two characters but other than that it didn’t contain very much plotwise. It was good but in order for the animated content to WOW audiences I think the writers & animators have to do a lot more in the face of stellar animated content on platforms like Netflix & Disney+.

When I asked around a bit in the local community about their thoughts about Old Bale Eye, I didn’t get much response and the one older fan who did comment on it wasn’t impressed by the animation and the story as he had already read the books featuring the two characters.

Safe to say; I don’t think the animated content would be the major pull factor and for the first year at least it’d be the exclusive minis that’ll attract subscribers.

Photo Credit: Warhammer-Community.com
Photo Credit: Warhammer-Community.com

What this means is that Games Workshop has one year to prove the value of the service to fans or I suspect they’ll see a significant drop Year 2 subscriptions. Warhammer+ is a smart move to get additional revenue and to protect their IP but there’s a fair share of risk in these areas:

  • The technicalities of maintaining an on-demand streaming service
  • The quality & production value of the animation
  • The quality of the writing & plot of the animated content

I see it as a bold move for the brand but with the recent shake-up of legal action against some YouTube creators the service is unfortunately launching amidst negative sentiment from most of the Warhammer community. To be honest, I don’t know if I’m rooting for GW or not but I’m definitely on board for Warhammer+ in Year One at the very least and will do my best to give proper coverage of the service and its features. It’s then up to the community to decide if it’s something that gives value to them or not.

To me, the key value of the service in Year One at least boils down to 3 key features at the moment:

  • The minis!
  • Warhammer Vault which opens up access to White Dwarf archives
  • Premium access to the Warhammer Apps that contain digital versions of the rules, 8th edition codices & data sheets plus the army building tools for both Warhammer 40K & Age of Sigmar. The current incarnations have not been well-received so this is a chance for GW to improve these apps and bring them up to a more acceptable level with the additional revenue coming in

The animations, shows, etc are just nice-to-haves but I’ll give them a chance nevertheless

What are your thoughts with regards to Warhammer+ after watching Old Bale Eye? Let me know in the comments.

Warhammer Basics (21 Aug 2021)

I’d like to kick things off in this weekend’s post by thanking everyone who joined me yesterday on Google Meet for my very first Warhammer Basics online event.

I hope everyone had a good time and it was great connecting with like-minded folks as I shared a bit about what it takes to get into the hobby and we got to play a demo together utilising Mission One from the Recruit Manual that can be found in the Warhammer 40K Recruit Edition starter set.

One of our attendees had quite a few questions on how one can get started in Malaysia especially if they are on a budget which inspired me to write this post.

Here are some tips on how to get started:

Starter Sets

The paint sets and starter sets are a pretty decent place to start as you are guaranteed to get new models. Both Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar have got similar sets that are designed to help you learn to play both games at an easy pace.

Second-Hand Minis & Sets

Malaysian Mini Pasar is a closed Facebook Group that is a great place to pick up minis on the secondary market from fellow hobbyists who overcommitted or are just looking to split sets. It’s a great place to get started on minis but I would still recommend hobbyists support their local stores.

Why? Well local stores are essentially community hubs where you game & meet other Warhammer fans; and for the most part these stores don’t charge gamers for the use of their facilities.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/264118517018267

New Sets That Are Great Value

If you’re looking for new sets; Games Workshop has the following types of sets that contain a whole bunch of minis that are faction specific that can immediately start you off with a working army that can be fielded immediately. Here are some samples:

Start Collecting Boxes

These are probably the most value for money as they contain a host of minis and are priced within the RM370 range. I think you usually get something between 15 to 20 minis.

Image credit: Games Workshop

Combat Patrol Boxes

These are the newer format army specific starting points that give you a decent mix of minis that would make a good starting army. These boxes give you around 20 to 30 minis which also includes a vehicle of some sort. Combat Patrol Boxes would set you back by RM570.

Image credit: Games Workshop

Battleforce Boxes

These are probably the most value for money that gives you a pretty big army start point and contain a great variety of models. These sets are usually released at the end of the year and are great Christmas gifts! They are usually priced at around RM750 upwards.

Image credit: Games Workshop

Malaysian Table-Top Centric FB Groups

If you want to get connected to other Warhammer fans, here are some of the Facebook groups which I frequent.

Retail Outlets

Here’s a link to a separate page that curates a list of Malaysian stores which I will try to maintain regularly. The initial list was copied from Wargamers Malaysia so I’d like to credit the admins there for the initial curation. I have yet to verify all these shops so if there are changes please update me so the list can be kept up-to-date.

These outlets are great places to meet people to hobby & game with. Each outlet has its own community so do explore to find the right place that suits your personality & gaming style.

Kit-bashing 101

Hello everyone!

After spending some time painting up more Deathwatch Vets over the last few days I thought I’d just cover a topic that is daunting to anyone that’s new in the hobby.


What is kit-bashing? Well, in a nutshell when you kit-bash a miniature what you’re doing is using parts from other kits and other materials to create a unique model of your own creation. This could range from bits of plastic, wire, to putty or moulding material. It also involves a lot of cutting so a cutting tool like an X-acto knife is a must have if you really enjoy this aspect of miniatures.

You obviously can use whatever you think would give your miniature the look that you want. Kit-bashing is an aspect of the hobby that is a pretty endless avenue to express creativity. I myself have not gone so far in terms of kit-bashing but there are lots of great kit-bashers out there on the web like Pete the Wargamer. Here’s a video where he goes through his creative process in creating a Raptor Kill Team that’s pretty cool.

I’ve not been in the hobby that long but I have accumulated quite a stash of extra parts from all the kits I have so far which is how I created the guy below:

Here’s how I pieced him together & where each piece came from:

  • The chainsword comes from a Blood Angels upgrade sprue
  • The combi-melta, torso and legs all came from the Deathwatch Veteran kit
  • Sarge’s head comes from the Deathwatch upgrade sprue
  • The power pack originates from a Devastator I believe but I’m not too sure as it was a left over bit I had from a second-hand Tactical Space Marine Squad sergeant

Some tips to note when kit-bashing:

  • Read the relevant codex if you want a kit-bashed mini to be legal for WYSIWYG in a Warhammer 40K & Kill Team game; but if you just like minis and not too keen on gaming then anything goes lah
  • Some cutting is sometimes needed to shave off some bits of plastic. You can use a hobby knife or a clipper to cut or shave off bits you don’t need
  • The simplest way to kit-bash is to just use ready parts from leftover bits from other kits in your collection
  • Dry-fitting is an important part of kit-bashing to ensure that your custom miniature can be assembled properly as sometimes some parts don’t play nice with each other so be ready to cut or clip off bits from the parts you intend to use
  • If you’re working with material that requires moulding; a specialised tool certainly would help; some advice I have received is that some dental tools work for this purpose (I’ve not gone to this extent but I am toying around with the idea)

After doing some searching online I found some Army Painter products that are available here in Malaysia! Here’s a link to collection of Army Painter products that can be found in Wolf Game Shop on Shopee. Enjoy!


Miniature Painting Basics! An Infographic

Here’s an infographic that summarises the 4 basic steps that I think anyone can pick up in order to paint minis.

Miniature Painting Basics!

Miniature painting is kinda like colouring except that you’re colouring an actual object.

Feel free to share this out on your social pages if you think it’s helpful for anyone who is keen to give the hobby a try!

Space Hulk: Part 3

Hi everyone!

Starting up the StormGate social pages and this blog has been super helpful in maintaining my momentum in my bid to paint up all my gray. I pushed myself out of the weekend laziness and finished up the last of the Space Hulk terminators over the last few days. Here are all of them in their full glory!

I’m not going to do any highlights as they are pretty much ready for the table top. In fact, the plan now really is to get just enjoy painting all my minis and only spend more time on those that I really like.

Painting these terminators was a pretty interesting experience as I couldn’t really do them assembly line style that much with the exception of the initial Mephiston Red base for the armour and maybe the Ushabti Bone helmets. It was just too tempting to start painting up the individual detail on each mini as I felt it was a shame to leave such glorious miniatures uncompleted.

These Blood Angels really do deserve a revisit at a later date to make them look better but for now I’m pretty happy that they’re all painted up. Or maybe I’ll never get back to them. We’ll see…

The genestealers are up next but let’s see what happens as I feel like painting up some more Deathwatch as I picked up a Start Collecting! Box, some second-hand Deathwatch Vets and the more recent Deathwatch Combat Patrol over the last few weeks.

P.S. If you haven’t yet read Part 1 & 2 of Space Hulk; follow these links – Space Hulk: Part 1 and Space Hulk: Part 2

Men of Tanith, Do You Want to Live Forever?!

Games Workshop recently released a new version of Gaunt’s Ghosts and it looks to be one of the best designed Astra Militarum miniatures to date. If GW keeps this up, IG players have a lot to look forward to in the near future!

But why wait? Sabbat World has a wealth of lore and backstory for any hobbyist to get into. Fans of the Irons Snakes, White Scars, or Chaos forces will feel right at home here.

Let’s focus on the main cast of the saga which is the Tanith First and Only as the focus point of this hobby adventure. And of course, just like any other war in the 41st Millennium, an Astra Militarum regiment seldom fights alone.

We shall be doing some conversions to include the arrogant 50th Volpone Regiment as elite soldiers in the mix, as well as some Forge World flyers to represent the Phantine Air Corps who will bring some much needed air support to the tabletop. Oh, it is important to mention that I’ll be assembling a battle-forged army in the process, so this army is not just for show, but works for a real game as well!

Without further ado, let’s jump into the Gaunt’s Ghosts box set!

After studying each one of the six individual models, I decided that the best way to paint and make the most out of this kit, is to via sub-assemblies and to paint them up separately. Here’s how I went about the sub-assemblies.

And because I’m old school, bases comes before paint!

I’m also putting together a squad of Militarum Tempestus to represent the 50th Volpone Regiment with mixed parts from leftovers from a Tempestus sprue and some Cadian Guardsmen parts. To top it off I’ve ordered some plasma guns bits to add some punch against MEQ units.

It’s the 50th Volpone Regiment!

As mentioned earlier, in absence of heavy armour, this mixed regiment will receive some air support, Flyers from the Phantine Air Corps are expected to turn the tide of battle to their favour if they are in a pinch.

There you have it folks, I’ve just laid out the plans for the month to complete this mixed regiment. Stay tuned as we try to bring daily updates on the progress of this army.

Men of Tanith, Do You Want to Live Forever?!

Here Comes a New Challenger!

I’m pleased to welcome my childhood friend Vincent as a StormGate contributor. He’s a monster painter and has been hobbying way longer than me.

Whilst I cover the more beginner aspects of the hobby that correlates to my own journey, Vincent will bring to the table more advanced stuff as contributor.

Together the both of us will hopefully be able to cover many more things about the hobby. We’ve been catching up a lot and we’re really excited about how we can take StormGate further!

Btw, if you like the image used in this post; I’d like to credit Blazbaros on DeviantArt who created the base image which I pixelated using Canva. If any of you are interested in more of his art check out his DeviantArt page: https://www.deviantart.com/blazbaros