Necrons of Note

Like any other faction in the Warhammer 40K universe, the Necrons too have a couple of hero characters.

As I’m still discovering the lore behind this interesting; there are 2 characters that stand out to me at this point time. Based on what little I know of them; they are super intriguing to me.

Szarekh, the Silent King

  • Szarekh is responsible for the deal with the C’tan that resulted in the biotransference that transformed his people into Necrons
  • He was the one who ultimately betrayed the C’tan; imprisoning them in Tesseract Labyrinths & C’tan shards
  • The Silent King ordered the Necrons to enter the Great Sleep which resulted in their 60 millenia long slumber
  • Szarekh went into exile as penance for his role in the transformation of the Necrons but is now back to awaken his people due to the threat of the Tyranids & Chaos

Trazyn, the Infinite

  • Trazyn is a collector of sorts; preserving histories and artefacts regardless of their origin in his galleries
  • His sole purpose for war is to expand his collection
  • Trazyn played an instrumental role in the events of the Fall of Cadia; aiding the Imperium for his own ends
  • What I find most interesting about Trazyn is that he has a perfect clone of the Primarch Fulgrim in his collection

Starting a Necron Army

If Egyptian-like killer robots are your cup of tea you can always pick up a Necron Combat Patrol which gives you everything you need for a 500 point game but just for fun I came up with an under 500 point list based on my Novokh Dynasty necrons who are more melee oriented. A box of Necron Warriors would set you back RM170 and the Canoptek Wraiths and Skorpekh Destroyers would come up to RM200 each. You can save up some by getting a Command Edition Starter which would also give you some Space Marines (the savings only applies if you can sell off the Space Marine half).

After doing some research I can’t seem to find a standalone model for the Skorpeth Lord the smallest set he’s available in is the Necron Royal Court set (USD 110). This isn’t the most cost-efficient way but it’ll give you a powerful melee army I believe.

Skorpekh Lord

Points Cost: 130

Scary and big! He’s a great HQ choice. The best way to pick him and most of the other units in this list is via the Necron half of the Indomitus boxed set which is a little scarce these days but if you look around in the local community I still see people letting go of their Indomitus minis.

  • Ennmitic annihilator
  • Flensing claw
  • Hyperphase harvester

Necron Warriors

Points Cost: 130

A 10-man Necron Warrior squad would give your army some backline fire and you can either equip them with gauss flayers (a longer range weapon) or gauss reapers. You can of course mix & match the two weapons in the squad.

Loadout Options
  • Gauss flayers; or
  • Gauss reapers

Skorpekh Destroyers

Points Cost: 105

These guys are brutal in melee and they look super cool. Plus if you pick up the kit you also get a plasmacyte which you can opt in for other army builds.

Unit 1
  • Hyperphase reap-blade
Unit 2
  • Hyperphase threshers

Canoptek Wraiths

Points Cost: 125

These things are fast and deadly and for the most part they’d be kitted out with the following. You can opt to have them all equipped with vicious claws & the particle caster but just for variety my list swaps out one of them with the whip coils and the transdimensional beamer (takes up 5 points in your army build).

Units 1 & 2
  • Vicious claws
  • Particle caster
Unit 3
  • Whip coils
  • Transdimensional beamer

For paints there are the colours I use for my Novokh Dynasty Necrons.

Base colours
  • Leadbelcher (dull metal)
  • Evil Sunz Scarlet (bright red)
  • Runelord Brass (brassy metallic)
  • AK 110011 White
  • Abaddon Black (for painting the base)

I don’t really use highlights on my Necrons but I just brighten them up a bit with the same base colours after applying washes.

  • Runelord Brass
  • Evil Sunz Scarlet
  • Nuln Oil (applied on all the metallic bits)
  • Reikland Fleshshade (applied on the brass and red bits)
  • Agrax Earthshade (if i want to dirty up the white striped bits)

The above is just how I paint my Necrons and of course you’re free to choose the colours of another dynast or to even create your own!

Who are the Necrons?

In a nutshell, the Necrons are Egyptian-looking cybernetic beings who once ruled the galaxy lifetimes ago. They have slumbered for millennia and have only recently awakened to a galaxy at war.

In their leaders’ pursuit to achieve immortality a bargain was struck with god-like beings called the C’Tan. Unfortunately their path to immortality was in the form of a mass conversion of their entire race into their current forms.

For a time they remained enslaved by the C’Tan but they eventually overthrew their god-like overlords. The Necrons in turn enslaved their cruel masters; harnessing them as a source of energy. Take that you C’Tan cheats!

Image Credit: Games Workshop

With this new found power the Necrons proceeded to conquer world after world; forming an empire and becoming rulers of the galaxy. What happened to them next? Why did they disappear for millenia? Why are the awakening?

I’ll write more about the Necrons in future instalments once I get more comfortable writing little articles like this as I fine-tune my content format. Till next time!

Starting a Grey Knight Army

If you’re thinking of starting a Grey Knights army that harnesses the power of the warp through their Psykers here is a simple build I came up with that would give you a basic 500-point army. I’m not sure if the army would be effective but as Grey Knights are an Elite army I figure they’d be able to hold their own as they are all equipped with storm bolters as part of their basic load out.

The build below would require you to purchase of the 2 Strike Squad kits and 1 Grey Knight Brother Captain kit. The Strike Squad kits are RM233 as of 23/11/2021 and the Brother Captain is priced at USD25 on the GW web store so I’m guessing it’d be about RM100++ at a local FLGS.

1 Brother Captain

Points Cost: 140

This guy serves as your HQ and warlord. With an upgrade you’ll round up the army to exactly 500 points.

  • Nemesis force sword
  • Master-crafted storm bolter
  • Upgrade: Gifts of the Prescient – Severance Bolt

2 Strike Squads

Points Cost: 235

Two 5-man squads which you can put together easily with 1 Storm Strike kit.

  • Justicar: Nemesis force sword / storm bolter
  • Nemesis force sword / storm bolter
  • 2X Nemesis falchion / storm bolter
  • Psilencer
  • Psycannon
  • Justicar: Nemesis force halberd / storm bolter
  • Nemesis daemon hammer / storm bolter
  • Nemesis force sword / storm bolter
  • Nemesis force sword / storm bolter
  • Nemesis warding stave / storm bolter

The basic units can be configured a variety of ways but I like to vary up the weapons so the army looks interesting.

1 Purifier Squad / Interceptor Squad

Points Cost: 125 / 120

One 5-man Purifier Squad would give you some Elites to work with. A Purifier Squad is kinda like a Space Marine Veteran Squad which would require more work on differentiating the helmets and the pauldrons. That’d leave you with 5 spares that can be built as an Interceptor Squad which would give you a Fast Attack unit that you can replace the Purifier Squad with. Their weapon loadouts are fairly similar.

  • Knight of the Flame: Nemesis force sword / storm bolter
  • Nemesis force sword / storm bolter
  • Nemesis force halberd / storm bolter
  • 2X Nemesis falchion / storm bolter
  • Nemesis daemon hammer / storm bolter

Paints-wise these are the colours that I use for my Grey Knights:

Base colours
  • Leadbelcher (a dull metal)
  • Mephiston Red (a deep red)
  • Retributor Armour (a bright gold)
  • AK 110011 White
  • Rakarth Flesh (a light tan for the purity seals & flesh)
  • Talassar Blue (I use this in a light coat over Leadbelcher on the swords, halberds and for the eyes of the minis)
  • Abaddon Black (for painting the base)
  • Ironbreaker (a brighter metallic shade)
  • Evil Sunz Scarlet (a bright red)
  • Nuln Oil (I use this for all the metallic bits)
  • Reikland Fleshshade (I use this for the gold and red bits)
  • Agrax Earthshade (I use this for the fleshy bits)

Being a creative hobby you are of course welcome to create your own colour scheme and to spin-off your army as a Successor Chapter of your own. If you do, feel free to send me some pix of your army as I’d love to feature Successor Chapters of unique army colour schemes.

Grey Knights: The Basics

The Grey Knights are a secret order of Space Marines made up of psykers who are dedicated to combating threats of the warp. They operate as the military arm of the Inquisition’s Ordo Malleus. The Inquisition for those of you who are new to the Warhammer 40K universe, are a powerful organisation within the Imperium of Man tasked with eliminating threats and Inquisition are much like a secret police in modern day terms.

The chapter is headquartered on Titan; which is one of the moons of the planet Saturn. Interestingly enough; they do not adhere to the Codex Astartes and are not organised like other Space Marine chapters. Lore-wise this makes them quite interesting as they themselves could be a threat to the Imperium should the Inquisition choose to take power.

In-line with their secretive nature, the existence of the Grey Knights is shrouded in mystery and only Chapter Masters are aware of them. In the books, other Space Marines treat them with some suspicion and the Grey Knights largely keep to themselves; choosing not to fraternise with their brother Marines.

Why I think the Grey Knights are cool:

  • The chapter was formed in secret towards the start of the Horus Heresy by Malcador the Sigilite with the creation of the Knights Errant
  • Nathaniel Garro; one of my favourite characters from the books is a founding member of the Knights Errant
  • Their gene-seed originates from the Emperor of Man himself
  • During their founding, Titan was sent into the Warp by Malcador towards the close of the Horus Heresy; emerging a few years later with a fully developed Space Marine chapter due to the altered flow of time within the Warp
  • Colour scheme wise; their power armour is largely made up of silver, gold and reds which makes them like very knight-like

Orktober 2021 Update & New Kill Team

Orkober 2021 marches on and I spent yesterday afternoon’s Hobby Time to assemble the remaining Kommandos from Kill Team Octarius. All that remains now is to prime them and to paint em’ up before month’s end.

The Remaining Kommandos

So far I’ve completed 4 of them; which has been fun. But because each mini is fairly unique they take longer to paint.

Ork Kommandos

I also got to try out a game of the new Kill Team and it’s not as simple as the manual makes it out to be. I’m stumped now by how APLs work. We couldn’t even finish one turn today cos it took us quite awhile reference the rules, etc.

It’ll probably take a couple more games before I get the rules. The new Kill Team is not as simple as it sounds. Heh.

Anyways, happy hobbying everyone and for those working on Orkober projects. All the best to ya!

Top 5 Koolest Warbosses

Hi everyone!

We continue Orktober by checking out 5 of the most notoroius warbosses in Ork-dom. I’m by no means an expert on the Ork Kultur but after scouring the internet and reading up I’ve picked these 5 whom I think are the Koolest!

The Beast

This dude is probably the most powerful that ever lived & was responsible for a Waaagh that nearly destroyed the Imperium of Man. Surprisingly The Beast may not have actually just been warboss actually could have been a collection of 6 “Prime-Orks”! The Beast is KOOL cos’ he/they almost wiped out the Imperium and that is something that any Ork would deem KOOL in Ork Kultur!


Ghazghkull Thraka

The Prophet of the Waaagh! would be no stranger to 40K fans especially has he has an uber kool mini for the table-top. Suffice to say, he is the big bad Ork right now causing mayhem in the universe. He is Commissar Yarrick’s nemesis which was featured in one of the early episodes of Hammer & Bolter on Warhammer+. Ghazghkull’s KOOL cos’ he has a KOOL mini! Heh … but more than that he’s KOOL cos’ he can commune with the Ork gods.



The Mighty Mangler of Bork had humble beginnings as a primitive thug who rose to infamy after eating a mutated Squig. He awoke, transformed into the being who would come to be known as Klawjaw and founded the Ork Empire of Bork. Klawjaw is known for taking on united Imperium forces that were made of of Imperial Guard, Ultramarines, Dark Angels, Howling Griffons and Blood Angels! Klawjaw’s KOOL cos’ he became great after eating that mutated Squig! Such humble origins.



The Speedlord Supreme rides an insanely huge Battlewagon named the Planet Grinda. His biggest achievement was the invasion of Vigilus where he commanded his forces from Fort Dakka and was allied to another dude named Zogbag. He’s KOOL because he named his Battlewagon Planet Grinda and also cos’ he’s an Ork Speedboss!



An ally of Ghazghkull, Ugulhard is KOOL cos’ he’s da one who took Commissar Yarrick’s left arm in kombat! He’s last on this list cos’ unfortunately Commissar Yarrick beheaded him with his chainsword. Oh well… at least his Klaw survives on Yarrick’s left arm.



In line with us being in the month of Orktober I’m going to try to build & paint up my Ork Kommandos from the Kill Team Octarius boxed set plus maybe a few of the classic 2nd edition Orks that I have in my collection. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, here are 10 things everyone should know about our beloved Green Skins!

5 Things You Should Know About Them Orks!

Orks are humanoid but they actually possess physiological traits of both animals & fungi. What’s more they reproduce asexually which is why a planet is usually doomed once the Green Skins are planetside!

Ork technology is able to achieve great things through the power of belief! Some theorise it’s because in great numbers Orks create a psychic field that is the root of this phenomenon.

A WAAAGH! is the term Orks use that refers to great military campaigns that are led by Warbosses or Warlords and is key to Ork kultur. Orks are all about WAAAGHS!

The greatest Ork in existence right now is Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka and Games Workshop has a pretty awesome mini to represent the Ork Warlord on the table-top. He truly is the Prophet of the Waaagh!

Last but not least, I’d like to introduce you to Gork & Mork, the twin Gods of the Green Skins. Gork is the brutal one whilst his twin Mork is the kunnin’ one. What a perfect pair of deities

Here’s to an awesome Orktober folks! Happy hobbying especially to all you Ork players out there.

The Good, The Bad & The Grey

3 Tips to Avoid Hobby Fatigue

Since I started hobbying at the end of 2020, I’ve accumulated a large number of new & second-hand Games Workshop miniatures which has caused my backlog to explode.

I really do enjoy assembling & painting my miniatures but like many others before me I’ve come to the realisation that it’s impossible to keep up with GW’s releases. Not being able to game is also one of the reasons why you can get demotivated (things’ll get better in time so be of good cheer folks!).

Here are 3 tips for budding hobbyists that’ll help get your miniatures off their sprues and ultimately freeing them from their boxes.

3 Tips to Avoid Hobby Fatigue
Tip 1: Alternate Between Painting & Building

A simple method to keep up your momentum is to switch between building & painting. It’s a simple way to stave off fatigure and to avoid cramps!

Tip 2: Build & Paint Different Things

Due to my overindulgence I have a pretty wide selection of minis to build & paint from across GW’s catalogue. But what this means is that I don’t get bored as painting beyond my core collection shakes things up for me.

If you invest time in skirmish level games; you’ll also end up having squads you can use in games like Kill Team. Vary your collection and I guarantee you’ll be less bored.

So don’t be afraid to pick up some odd things if you spot a good deal!

Tip 3: Share Your Work

Sharing your work with a community of like-minded folk is great and some critique can help you to improve as well. It is a feat in itself to get a mini built and painted so be proud of what you’ve accomplised!

Hobby Time & Weekend Update

Managed to work on these 3 Tactical Space Marines on Saturday. And today I played an introduction game of Marvel Crisis Protocol which was pretty fun even though I lost!

Wrath & Glory

This weekend was a full one with a 3 hour Hobby Time session on Saturday and an extra online session today.

A bunch of us gathered and did some hobbying together which for me resulted in the completion of these 2 Tactical Space Marines for my main army which at this point in time will most likely be a Space Wolf Successor Chapter.

What made the weekend even more fun was that some of us gave the Warhammer 40K RPG by Cubicle 7 a spin. The adventure was a simple one so we could learn the core mechanics of the RPG and to learn how combat works.

In the 2 hour session our 2 Space Marine Scouts stormed an occupied reactor overtaken by chaos cultists. Booby traps were set-off injuring our intrepid heroes but with tenacity befitting of the Adeptus Astartes they successfully took out 3 cultists which also included their leader. Our heroes now occupy the security room and are planning their next move. Will they accomplish their mission or will the cultists succeed in their nefarious scheme? Tune in next time!

Wrath & Glory

I think I’ve found a way to make extra use of my Warhammer 40,000 miniatures and once things are better; it’d be great to have a RPG session where we use our minis in the adventure. That means there’d be actual purpose to get other minis besides the main armies that I collect without the need to actually build an a. Pretty awesome eh?

Anyways, I’m signing off with a pic of the Wrath & Glory crew who test ran today’s RPG session. Thanks guys!

Intrepid Adventurers in the Grim Dark of the 41st Millennium