Gaming Tip: Armour Penetration

In order to get enemy units off the table, strategically one of the things you can do is to employ weapons that have high Armour Penetration which would make it harder for your opponent to make saves against wounds.

This of course gets negated if the enemy unit has Invulnerable Saves but it should work against most enemies and it’s something to consider when selecting the weapon load out on a unit.

But in terms of game balance, whenever you select a weapon with high AP, there usually is a trade-off either in terms of range or an attribute that limits your use of the weapon.

My favourite HQ, the Skorpekh Lord has an awesome melee weapon which I love to use when he gets up close and personal. Drum roll…

Hyperphase Harvester

This super weapon deals 3 damage for every successful hit and has -4 Armour Penetration which in most cases results in enemies beign unable to save. The weapon also has a +2 Strength boost which in the case of the Skorpekh Lord makes hitting the enemy easier at Strength 8! So if all 4 Attacks go through that’s a 12 wounds of damage which would kill most enemies. The only downside is that you get a -1 to hit rolls when they are being used. This weapon is neat!

What are your favourite weapons that penetrates armour? Do share in the comments!

Till next time, happy hobbying and happy gaming!

Gaming Tip: Unit Selection

One of the fun things about the hobby is adding units to your army; for those who aren’t really into the the minutiea of the game then go ahead and add whatever looks good to your collection but as I am learning; if you want to be able to win some games then you’ll have to spend a bit more time taking some things into consideration before you pick up a new model.

My Necron army are of the Novokh Dynasty; and they are supposed to be blood-thirsty robots who are theoretically able to do well in melee combat hence why I am doing what I can now to take advantage of that by picking units that are supposed to do well in melee.

So right now my Novokh army lists have been built around the following rules that are unique to them:

  • Utilising the Novokh’s stratagem Blood Rites whichs adds 1 Attack to models in a squad
  • Making my Skorpekh Lord the Warlord so I can leverage on Blood-Fuelled fury which is a Warlord Trait that inflicts a Mortal Wound upon an unmodified wound roll of 6
  • Taking advantage of Protocol of the Hungry Void when it activates which allows Novokh to use both directives which improves an attack’s AP on an unmodified roll of 6 and adds 1 to Strength when a unit charges

To try to take advantage of the above, I’ve tried to field the following units in every game I’ve played but to no avail.

Skorpek Destroyers

These guys look really cool too but I struggle to get them into melee which makes me wonder if I am using them wrong or maybe I need 3 more?


I’m hoping these guys can do some damage whilst escorting a Noble HQ with their Invulnerable Saves so he can unleash hell on the enemy. I need to pick the right HQ now who devastates in melee.

Skorpekh Lord

This guy is too cool not to field and he does do very well in melee. The struggle right now is how do I get him into melee. Even though he has a movement characteristic of 8 inches it’s a challenge getting him close to do the damage that he is supposed to do. Which is why I’ve started equipping him a Veil of Darkness as a relic so he can teleport with the Skorpekh Destroyers.

So far my army hasn’t fared well as I’ve been playing games against Blood Angels who are much more superior in melee. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a game with other factions to determine if my strategy is viable or not.I guess winning isn’t something I can achieve so soon until I’ve played enough games of Warhammer 40K.

In the meantime I still need to figure things about my Necron army composition. I’d love to get some tips from veteran players and readers alike. So do leave a comment or drop me a line on Facebook. I’d love to ideas about army composition and how you go about putting your own army lists together.

Till next time, have a fun time hobbying and an even more fun time gaming!

Gaming Tip: Invulnerable Saves

As I get more Warhammer 40K under my belt, I realise one of the more useful abilities for a melee-based army is to have an ability or equipment that confers Invulnerable saves is crucial.

The weakness of a melee based army is that they are largely unable to shoot and your goal is to get your units to charge distance then to enter the Fight Phase as soon as possible.

What is an Invulnerable Save?

In Warhammer 40K, every unit has a Save characteristic that allows them to roll a D6 in order to avoid taking damage. This Save characteristic can be affected by Weapons that have high Armour Penetration (AP) which increases the value required in order to Save against an attack.

Some weapons can result in impossible rolls which is where Invulnerable Saves come in. An Invulnerable Save is a static value that can be used to counteract the effects of weapons with high AP.

For a -4AP weapon would require a unit with a 3+ Save to roll a 7 on a D6 which is impossible. In this instance, you would then opt to use the Invulnerable Save value to roll against!

my Definition of Invulnerable saves

Invulnerable Saves are also super important if you’re going against a HQ or enemy unit that has weapons with high (AP). Conversely when you’re picking a target it’s best to sometimes save your high AP shots for targets with no Invulnerable Save in order to gain more dominance on the table top. There is always that chance that your shots are wasted should a target success on their Invulnerable Save roll.

I’ve tabled my Skorpekh Destroyers twice so far and they really are not that great when they come under fire. In the two games where I’ve fielded them it would appear that they are better used in reserve and under cover to hold objectives and such.

Lychguard with Hyperphase Sword & a Dispersion Shield

Trying to make your way to an opponent’s units with a melee based unit seems futile even if they have a high Move characteristic which is why I’ve equipped my Lychguard with Dispersion Shields that gives them a 4+ Invulnerable Save!

I’ll try to use my Lychguards in my next 40K game to move an HQ to an objective or to make an attempt at destroying an enemy unit. Or maybe I’ll just see how far I can get them to an enemy under fire as opposed to using them in their bodyguard roll.

Till next time, happy gaming!

Beginner Tip: Masking

This seems basic to any form of painting but I just thought I’d share this simple tip to everyone.

Masking allows you to protect some areas of your model during the painting process. In the example below; I masked the transparent bases of these Necron Tomb Blades to avoid getting paint on them before priming.

Tomb Blades wit Masked Off Bases

Masking can also be used to achieve certain effects by applying the tape on in various configugrations. For example if you need to paint on a stragith line or camo effects.

ScotchBlue Tape Applied Al Over the Transparent Base

I would recommend getting branded tape such as 3M’s ScotchBlue painter’s tape as the adhesive would be friendlier especially when it’s time to peel the tape off.

Till next time, happy hobbying!

Unit Feature: Necron Lychguards

True to the theme of my army, I built up a squad of 5 Lychguards to engage enemies in melee plus these guys function as bodyguards Noble HQ units such as the Necron Lord and Necron Overlord.

Lychguards can be built 2 different ways:

  • Warscythe – this makes them more deadly in melee with a higher Strength characteristic & Armour Penetration characteristic plus it causes 2 damage for every successful wound roll
  • Hyperphase Sword + Dispersion Shield – this configuration makes them a lot more hardy and one hard lesson I’ve learned is that if you can’t get your melee-based troops into hand-to-hand combat; it’s pointless to equip them with high damage weapons.

Lychguards can’t move very fast though as they only have a Move characteristic of 5″ which is pretty poor.

Their “Guardian Protocols” ability would be pretty useful though as the aura around Lychguard units is able to protect Infantry Nobles within 3″ of them. What this means is that a HQ within their bubble of protection can’t be targeted.

This makes a unit of Necron Lychguard hardy body guards and perhaps they’d be of use in holding objectives. I can’t wait to field them in my next game.

Till next time, happy hobbying!

Hobbying Tip: Sub-Assemblies

What is a Sub-Assembly?

A sub-assembly basically is collection of components that have been assembled into larger sections without glueing the entire model fully. The video below whilst a little on the extreme side demonstrates what sub-assemblies are.

Why Use Sub-Assemblies?

The reason why one would do so is ease further work on the model such as painting. I did this recently with my Deathwatch Terminator Captain where I kept the cape component separate to so that I could paint both sides of the cape better.

Here are some reasons why one would work with sub-assemblies:

  • Help in the painting of hard to reach areas especially if some parts would be obscured in the fully assembled model
  • Painting of heads; more experienced painters usually work on the heads on their minis separately
  • Kit-bashing. I suppose sometimes it helps to modify a miniature especially if you’re going to be moulding on extra detail to customise your miniature.

Hope this tip helps all you budding hobbyists the next time you work a particularly tricky model.

Happy hobbying!

The Blood Angels

The Blood Angels are a favourite of many Warhammer 40K fans out there largely because of their noble backstory and the bright red power armour they wear in battle.

In my face-offs so far with Edward, on the tabletop, Blood Angels are fearsome in melee and if you couple them with jump packs to help them close the distance they are absolutely brutal to face off against.

Image credit: Warhammer Community

Here are a few notable things about the Blood Angels which I find to be fascinating:

Cool Fact 1

Sanguinius, the Primarch from whom their gene seed originates from actually had wings! Hence why this particular chapter are always venerated and referred to as angels by every day folk in the lore.

Image credit: Alex Cristi
Image Credit: Warhammer 40K Fandom

Cool Fact 2

The Blood Angels hide a terrible secret in that they suffer from a flaw in their gene-seed wherein they are prone to an insatiable battle lust and hunger for blood that manifests in the form of the Red Thirst and the Black Rage.

This characteristic is reflected in-game where Blood Angels get bonuses in melee combat. There are some negative side-effects where Death Company squads automatically engage enemies within engagement range due to the Black Rage. Really cool stuff.

Cool Fact 3

I just recently finished listening to the “Devastation of Baal” audiobook and the main thing that stood out to me was the fact that the Blood Angels are also dying out due to the irreversible nature of the Black Rage and the heavy casualties they have suffered from a long-term enmity with the Tyranids.

Despite all that, these proud warriors continue to soldier on; defending those who can’t defend themselves and striving to live up to the heroic deeds of their progenitor Sanguinius.

I must say that I have a new found respect for this chapter of the Space Marines; and despite the grimdark setting Warhammer 40,000 is set in… the virtues of self-sacrifice, temperance and self-control are good things that we can glean from these characters.

Book Cover Art

Till next time. Happy hobbying!

Knowing Your Opponent

After being devastated by Blood Angels in 2 consecutive games I figure it’s actually a good idea to do some research about any opponent prior to playing.

I’m gonna check Wahapedia next time before I play Edward’s Blood Angels again. Some light research about your enemies always helps. I think…

One thing to note about Blood Angels. They hit hard in melee as they get tonnes of bonuses when they charge and their weapons. Plus Edward’s troops were mostly on Jump Packs which gave much bigger movement distance.

Anyways, for those of you new to the hobby here’s the link to Wahapedia which is a great free resource to check out stats of other armies.

Playing to the Objectives

Warhammer 40,000 is table-tap war game but in 9th Edition it’s a game that’s very much about accomplishing mission objectives. In order to secure Victory Points players are rewarded for accomplishing 2 sets of objectives:

  • The Primary Objective of the Mission being played
  • Mission Secondary Objectives or Faction Secondary Objectives

You get more Victory Points for securing Primary Objectives but being able to accomplish Secondary Objectives especially those that are faction-specific can also help you win a game.

In my last outing against some Blood Angels I made the mistake of being over eager to get my Skorpekh Destroyers into combat and failed to capitalise on an unoccupied Objective Point which I could have easily secured if I had used my Veil of Darkness relic. Oh well.

Something to keep check out in games is to always remember that it’s not always about killing your opponent (unless one of your Secondary Objectives is to wipe out enemy units; if so then proceed to kill them all, heh heh).

Till next time hope this basic tip helps you out in your next game.

Pre-Game Preparation

As I gain more experience gaming I realise that familiarity with the faction you’re playing with is key and that’s why I’ve been spending a lot more time playing Warhammer 40K games with my Novokh army.

Prior to my last match-up against Edward, I spent quite a bit of time going through my Necron Codex picking out Strategems that I’d like to use plus taking note of special rules & abilities that applied to the units I was fielding. This included taking note of Novokh-related bonuses in particular.

As a result I came up with a simple spreadsheet that lists down everything that I need to know as a quick reference of sorts. I didn’t manage to get it to this state that day and spent some time after the game to tidy it up a bit more for future games.

Click on the button to view the Google Sheet I created:

Even though I lost, I played a much better game against my Blood Angel opponent because of the prep work. The final score came up to 66 vs. 45 victory points and that was more because of my over eagerness to get into melee with some of my units.

Necron Tip: One thing to note about playing Necrons is the Command Protocol bonuses that changes in each round of Battle which I had missed out on the first time I fielded my Novokh.