About Storm Gate Games

I got into Warhammer 40,000 in a big way somewhere in Q4 of 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that things are a little better I have decided to go all in and started a hobby store together with a business partner in April 2022.

This blog was created to actively create conversations about Warhammer 40,000 and TCGs like Flesh and Blood and in time hopefully be able to form a community of like-minded people who are keen on such hobbies.

I’m not a competitive bloke by nature so whatever comes out of this is meant to be about having fun in the hobby at everyone’s own pace.


Chris’ 40K & FAB Favs


I got bit by the Deathwatch bug and am taking my time to build an army of these xenos-hunting Astartes. I have a fully painted & magnetised Kill Team ready for action! I should field them more often…

Death Guard

I had so much fun painting a box of 7 Plague Marines that I immediately went overboard and now own a fair number of miniatures (mostly unbuilt & unpainted at the moment).

Custom Chapter

I have a huge number of painted generic Space Marines in a grey paint scheme who are a Space Wolf successor chapter that I am still fleshing out. This would be the bulk of my collection!


I went a bit crazy during one of the lockdowns resulting in a sizeable army largely made up of end 2020’s T’au Battleforce. Roughly 20% of them are assembled & painted.


My Indomitus box Necrons are fully painted up in Novokh colours.The army has gotten really big and I’m still adding on to this army. I have yet to win any victories with them. Sad… Heh.


I’ve got a bunch of orks from the 2nd edition starter set which started this whole thing. All of them are built but I’ve no heart to paint them yet as my knowledge of 40K orks is limited.

Kill Teams

I have a lot of Kill Teams from various factions that have enabled me to keep up the hobby. Amongst my Kill Teams are some Ork Kommandos, Skitarii, Alpha Legion & Grey Knights.

FAB Brutes

For some reason Brutes are a favourite of mine and I love tweaking builds and collecting their cards. I’m not the greatest at but it’s always fun to come in with big attacks, Go Agains and dice rolls!


I’ve recently started acquiring powerful cards to create a competitive deck with Oldhim. Am still learning the character and I hope to do better in Blitz and Classic Constructed games.