The Ideal TCG Ecosystem

Flesh and Blood cards are a beautiful thing, but given time you’ll definitely find yourself swamped by a deluge of Rares and Majestics that’ll force you to store your extras away in an album or box at home.

Why do we hold on to these cards? At the heart of it, it all comes down to uncertainty. Most of the time, it’s because we believe that we might choose to play a different hero in the future and we just don’t want the regret of parting with our cards based on a what-if scenario. This fear of missing out unfortunately can stunt the growth of Flesh and Blood. How is that so? Read on to find out.

As FAB is a relatively new entrant into the TCG market, the game requires a lot of help from the community to ensure its success. Here are some ways you can help the game grow by sharing, trading or selling the extra cards that you don’t really need.

A Balanced Ecosystem

To thrive, every TCG (FAB included) needs a healthy ecosystem that is made up of 3 components:

The Collectors

Collectors are folks who enjoy cracking packs & boxes with the goal of hunting for the rarest cards; which in the case of FAB are the Fables & Legendaries.

Collectors then put the bulk their cards up for sale which includes Rares, alongside any extra Majestics & Legendaries which allows them to offset future purchases as they continue their hunt.

The Store

As a result of these Collectors, your Local Game Store is now able to supply the community with the singles that you need for play.

This benefits the majority of players who aren’t as keen on testing their luck in cracking packs or boxes.

The Players

This constitutes the majority of the community collects the cards and plays the game.

Some level of pack & box openings are by the average player is still needed cos’ every little bit helps your favourite LGS to continue to support the community.

These 3 components form a trinity that allows a TCG like Flesh and Blood to continue to thrive. An imbalance in any one of these components could result in the death of a TCG.

Trade or Sell Your Extras

Learning to let go of your cards is a good thing as it will really help the growth of Flesh and Blood. It’s a good habit to get involved in trading or selling your cards so that new players can upgrade their decks which in turn also enriches player diversity. By making these connections you’ll in turn also be able to get the cards you need by having a wider pool of friends!

When we create an environment where cards are actively traded/sold; everyone wins! Trust us, you will not be using every card in your collection and you’d be much better off passing them on to someone else with the added benefit of recovering funds to fuel your TCG journey.

Selling Cards to Your LGS at a Discount

This unfortunately is an uncommon practice in Malaysia but is prevalent culture overseas where it is common practice for an LGS to buy cards from players at a discount.

LGSes in the U.S. & Europe offer players a service where they buy cards off them at a discounted price (usually between 30% to 70% of the card value).

Why should you sell your cards to an LGS below market rate? Here’s why.

01 LGSes are a Business First and Foremost

A business needs to turn a profit and like any other business an LGS has bills to pay so they can keep the lights on and the doors open.

LGS owners need to earn a living to put a roof over the heads and to feed their families too!

02 LGSes Take a Risk Buying Your Cards

When an LGS buys a card from players, players are often offered cash or store credit upfront. You as a player enjoys immediate monetary benefits whilst the LGS takes on all the risk in selling your cards to potential buyers.

Sometimes, it takes months for some cards to be sold; more so if they aren’t popular in the current meta. This means that LGS operators will have their funds tied up for an extended period which is a business risk.

03 An LGS Mitigates Your Risk & Shields You from Hassle

Most of the time, players feel that it is unfair that they aren’t getting the highest value by selling their cards to a store at a discount.

In an ideal world, it’d be easy to find buyers for our cards but this isn’t usually the case. Liquidating your cards could end up being a huge hassle especially if you have a lot of cards to let go of.

Selling your cards on the open market also has its fair share of risks such as:

  • Dealing with fussy buyers who will take up a lot of your time before committing to a purchase
  • Encountering buyers who end up not honouring prices that were agreed upon prior to meeting 
  • Low-ballers
  • Taking on shipping risks such as card damage and dishonest buyers.

    For e.g. untrustworthy buyers might claim that they have not received your cards or they might also claim that said cards were damaged in transit; leading to them demanding some form of compensation

By selling your cards to a LGS at a discount you are actually removing yourself from any hassle & problems as the transaction with your LGS is straightforward and fuss-free. In doing so you are also directly contributing to the growth of the game as players can easily pop in to their favourite stores to get the cards that they need.

As a bonus here are some guidelines when you can follow should you choose to sell your cards to an LGS.

  • Be aware you that will not be getting 100% market value for your cards
  • Please separate out your Fables, Legendaries, Majestics and Rares prior to your visit to a store
  • Rares are usually sold at a bulk rate at USD 40 for 1,000 Rares so don’t be shocked should this happen

A healthy ecosystem is a major win for a brand new game like Flesh and Blood, so whatcha waitin’ for? Dust off your extras and drop by an LGS near you to see if they’d be cool to take some of these cards off your hands!

Till next time, happy hobbying!

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