KT Spec Ops Season 1: Update 02

Mission update.

Planet Nightfall. Sporadic transmissions have been received from the planet’s surface and our Phobos units have rendezvoused with a crack team of Adeptus Mechanicus operatives.

Later transmissions indicate that the planet could be a Necron Tomb World. A horde of Necrons emerged from the Green Skin ruins that in an attempt to halt the retrieval of the artifacts.

A fierce fire fight was reported and our Phobos brothers were instrumental in warding off the Necron horde. Skitarii tech signatures and heavy plasma discharges were also detected at the site of the Ork ruins. Attempts were made to communicate with the site but we have yet to receive any responses from the either team.

Latest scans indicate that the Necron threat has been temporarily abated but planetwide readings are showing signs that the Tomb World is awakening.

Command, if we are to quell the growing presence of the Necrons in the sector we will have to undertake extreme measures. We are requesting the sanctioning of an Exterminatus Order. The fleet is on standby.

End transmission.

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