KT Spec Ops Season 1: Update 01

Mission update.

Planet Nightfall. Our last report from the planet’s surface indicated the presence of 3 other Kill Teams operating in the sector. The heretic Thousand Sons, a mixed band of Chaos Legionaires who early sightings seem to indicate the Alpha Legion are in the sector. A squad of Kriegsmen who happened to detect the signals from the planet have also been sighted.

Scattered transmissions from the planet have indicated that our Phobos Marines were successful in fending off a band of Chaos Legionnaries. The Heretic Astartes were in the midst of securing data from a downed scouting party when our troops encountered them. The heretics have since retreated and are being tracked.

We also intercepted transmissions from the Thousand Sons Warp Coven that are operating on the planet. Unfortunately, the Kriegsmen have taken a pounding and are in retreat. The blasted heretics have secured relics which reports indicate could be related to the jamming that blankets the planet.

We await further instruction. Command, do advise.

End transmission.

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