5 Tips to Playing Fai, Rising Rebellion

We’ve been having some hands-on with the new hero Fai and having a blast! Fai is an easy-to-learn hero with very clear combo lines; which is great for new players who are just getting into Flesh and Blood.

Here are 5 tips to help those of you keen on the hero to hit the ground running piloting this hyper aggressive character:

  • Fai is all about Draconic chain links; an average play line should allow you to get at least 3 attacks off; if your hand doesn’t allow for that, then consider using the cards in that hand for defense
  • Getting up to 3 Draconic chain links is critical as it allows you to retrieve a Phoenix Flame from the graveyard which is perfect for chip damage assuming your opponent blocks prior attacks
Fai’s default weapon: Searing Emberblade
  • Use Searing Emberblade in your play line; Fai’s weapon really helps you to work your way up to having 4 Draconic chain links in your turn
  • Offense is the best defense! With Fai, be aggressive; the moment you are defensive you lose momentum with the character
Cards that gain effects on the 4th Draconic Chain Link are critical
  • Try to sink your cards that have the Rupture effect for late game. Cards such as Rise Up will allow you to close up games with effects such as Dominate

Hope these simple tips help! In the meantime happy hobbying and have an awesome one this week!

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