The Do’s & Don’ts of Getting into FAB (Part 1)

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A member of our community wrote this piece which we’ve edited and spruced up and are happy to share with everyone. Have a read!

A New Player’s Experience After Buying Some Box Sets, Singles and Playing Draft

By Anonymous

I got into Flesh and Blood (FAB) at the start of April 2022 and got hooked by the beautiful cards and addictive gameplay. Here are some of the things that got me interested in FAB:

  • The classes look like they come out of an RPG
  • In the gameplay, the heroes engage in heated battles by playing attack and defense cards just like a fighting game
  • The combat system is very unique & intricate; which is very different from other games such as Magic The Gathering, Hearthstone and other popular card game systems

But I digress, I’m writing this piece not to sell you on Flesh and Blood but this series of articles is about my experience throughout the course of buying booster boxes, cases and singles over the short span of time I’ve been in the hobby.

TCGs cost a bomb and can be a big money sink. It’s not for the faint-hearted but FAB has amazing art and gameplay which reallly makes me excited!

Anyways, as I started to get into the game I bought one box from currents sets and even tried to source for older out-of-print sets such as Welcome to Rathe, Arcane Rising and Crucible of War. The reason went down this route is because I wanted to experience the cards that each set had to offer and to see if i could use them in my deck builds. I thought it’d be easy to own decks for every character & class so I could try out all the heroes but quickly discovered that FAB is not like Magic The Gathering which allows you to build a deck as long as you can resource the right coloured mana.

Here are some things to consider if you’re just getting into the game.

Starting Out

Most people will first get into the game with a pre-con Blitz Deck featuring a hero and start out by learning the game first. I recommend starting slow and buy packs from the box sets that are specific to your hero. The game is character & classed based so it’s always good to purchase booster packs from sets that your hero originates from. I made the mistake of buying stuff from every set available.

Decking Out for Classic Constructed

If you are pick up an entire box of booster packs, you will never have enough cards to build a deck for both Classic Constructed (CC) or Blitz. Why? The reason is simple, when you purchase an entire box of boosters or when you crack packs, you’ll end up owning a bunch of Majestics & Rares that are scattered across different heroes & classes, and you will never have enough to build a deck for either formats.

The count of Majestics in a box of booster packs range between 7 to 9+ Majestics. A case contains 4 boxes of booster packs, 1 box contains 24 packs. Even if you purchase a case of FAB, you might not be able to amass enough cards to assemble a play set of 2 to 3 named cards to build a Blitz or CC deck. You most likely would have to purchase singles off the secondary market to complete your build.

Legendary Equipment
Legendary Equiipment

In most published builds, Legendary equipment are needed in order to be competitive and aqcuiring such cards can be tough! Legendary drops range from 2 to 0 drops in a case of Flesh and Blood booster packs. It is more likely a case would contain 1 Legendary drop but there are instances where a case can be duds.

Case Breaks
Case Breaks

Participating in a case break by class that is organised by your local game store is the best way for a new player to acquire the many Majestic, Rare and Common cards that are needed to form playsets for your hero. Check out this video if you aren’t sure what a Case Break is.

I’ll stop here right now as the post is getting a little too lengthy; tune in next week for Part 2!

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