Army Familiarity

After a super quiet lull over Ramadhan and Hari Raya here in Malaysia, some Kill Team games have finally started happening in the store and as such I’ve been personally focused on playing with my Plague Marines against a good friend who has been coming to support the store.

Focusing on one particular faction has been good as we’re having much more fun with the game and I’m doing better at gaining Victory Points whilst taking full advantage of the strengths of the Death Guard as such I’m able to make full use of Disgusting Resilience which makes them really tough to kill.


Key to each faction is the use of Strategic Ploys and Tactical Ploys and as such I’m able to do better in games by spending Command Points to utilise these two devastating ploys:

  • Malicious Volley
  • Hateful Assault

I have yet to use Tactical Ploys properly and I think I would have done better in last weekend’s game if I had used them which could’ve turned the tide of the game. The deciding factor in last weekend’s game was probably my lack of use of Tactical Ploys such as Effluent Demise which would have weakened the Heavy Intercessors even after taking out my guys pluys Revolting Durability & Dig In which would have lessened the damage & toughened my Plague Marines. That being said; kudos to my buddy Tabah who played to the objective of the mission which was to plant bombs on a key structure that I was defending.

A Dark Angel Heavy Intercessor Surrounded!

I guess the point I’m trying to make in today’s post is that it’s actually a good thing to consistently play with one army similar to how one would focus on one hero in a TCG like Flesh and Blood. The experience build up makes for more fun games and increases your odds of winning. Thankfully Warhammer games are a lot less tense compared to a TCG which is a breath of fresh air as I’ve been playing a lot of Flesh and Blood these days.

In my next game of Kill Team, I think it’s time we started taking additional equipment along to add my spice to our games. Am looking very much forward to this weekend! Plus I think it’d be good to start a campaign and experience something that a bit more of a narrative in order to have a more fun Kill Team experience.

As an asides, if any of you are free this weekend; do swing by Nexus International School this Saturday, 28th May from 10am till 2pm for Warhammer Marketplace; a swap meet fund raiser organised by the Warhammer Alliance Club.

Swing by to try out Kill Team and also Flesh And Blood plus there’ll be second-hand Warhammer & assorted hobbying booths set up during the event. Hope to see some of you there!

Till next time, happy hobbying!

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