Deck Building Lessons From Draft

I had my first Booster Draft experience a couple of weekends ago and I walked away with some valuable lessons that helped me to build a deck list of my own for Young Oldhim which I am particularly proud of.

Here are 3 lessons I learnt from FAB Booster Draft. Enjoy!

Lesson 1

Read the card descriptions. I know it sounds basic but spending time reading card descriptions will help you to figure out the synergies that are possible and come up with your own combos.

Lesson 2

Playing Draft forced me to pay more attention to the cards I had gathered which allowed me to discover little combos that I could pull off. That gave me the confidence to create my own deck build for Young Oldhim based on the combos that I developed during my Booster Draft experience.

Lesson 3

Have a theme for your deck build. When I played Draft one of the key things that I realised some of Guardian cards in Tales of Aria could do was to be imbued with Dominate through fusion or by playing a set-up card in your previous turn. The experience prompted me to build a Commoner deck for Blitz that does exactly that. Dominate!

Have a look at the deck build here and I hope this post encourages everyone to build their own lists rather than just copy one off the Internet. It is a satisfying feeling to defeat someone especially if the build is your own.

Till next time, happy hobbying!

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