Getting Started with TCGs

If you’re an old hand at Trading Card Games, then this post isn’t for you; BUT if you haven’t given the likes of Magic the Gathering or Pokemon a try then you’ve tuned in to the right place.

I got into Flesh and Blood somewhere in January 2022; which is a fairly new entrant in the TCG space. The cards are beautiful and the game is really enjoyable; which when compared to Warhammer is more pick up and play. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve stopped painting my minis (partly due to the fact that I just recently opened my own small business) but I digress… this being my first TCG it was a little daunting at first so here are a few tips if you want to get into a TCG like Flesh and Blood.

Tip 1: Pick up a starter deck

Flesh and Blood – Tales of Aria Blitz Starter Decks

Most TCGs have some form of starter kit that will give you a set of cards which is ready to play right out of the box. Flesh and Blood for example has Blitz starter decks which are perfect to learn the game. Magic The Gathering’s Commander format also has pre-configured starters in the form of Commander Decks.

Tip 2: Find a community that is beginner-friendly

One of the pitfalls of getting into TCGs is that veterans tend to be not so beginner-friendly largely because the community likes to flex with all their powerful & rare cards. It’s a big plus to settle in a store that promotes new player-friendly activities that are more casual which is something that the Storm Gate team is trying really hard to achieve in our community.

Tip 3: Play more games with your starter deck

I made the mistake of jumping in too quickly and started picking up boosters fairly early and added them to my collection which changed the composition of my Flesh and Blood Blitz Starter Decks. Whilst it’s fun to crack open boosters; it’s always good to hold off on reconfiguring your deck build so you can learn how to play the deck you bought first. TCGs have various mechanics and in some cases like Flesh and Blood; every hero has unique mechanics and types of cards that you’ll need to learn. Which is why it is important to play with others who can accommodate more basic decks.

Tip 4: Get into deck-building last

Configuring your deck and building your deck list is probably one of the more interesting aspect to the hobby but also the most difficult. Placing cards into your deck requires more familiarity with your own particular deck & hero’s mechanics. Swapping cards in and out willy nilly can result in a deck that doesn’t work hence why it is good to actually copy deck lists online first before you attempt to create your own deck list. Playing with a deck that doesn’t work isn’t fun unless your opponent is kind cos’ if you play against an unforgiving opponent it’s going to be a not-so-fun time. Heh!

That’s all from me. I hope I can find time to write more about my personal journey into TCGs. If anyone is keen to learn more about Flesh and Blood or experience the game swing by the store in Setia Alam.

Till next time, happy hobbying!

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