Gaming Tip: Armour Penetration

In order to get enemy units off the table, strategically one of the things you can do is to employ weapons that have high Armour Penetration which would make it harder for your opponent to make saves against wounds.

This of course gets negated if the enemy unit has Invulnerable Saves but it should work against most enemies and it’s something to consider when selecting the weapon load out on a unit.

But in terms of game balance, whenever you select a weapon with high AP, there usually is a trade-off either in terms of range or an attribute that limits your use of the weapon.

My favourite HQ, the Skorpekh Lord has an awesome melee weapon which I love to use when he gets up close and personal. Drum roll…

Hyperphase Harvester

This super weapon deals 3 damage for every successful hit and has -4 Armour Penetration which in most cases results in enemies beign unable to save. The weapon also has a +2 Strength boost which in the case of the Skorpekh Lord makes hitting the enemy easier at Strength 8! So if all 4 Attacks go through that’s a 12 wounds of damage which would kill most enemies. The only downside is that you get a -1 to hit rolls when they are being used. This weapon is neat!

What are your favourite weapons that penetrates armour? Do share in the comments!

Till next time, happy hobbying and happy gaming!

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