Gaming Tip: Unit Selection

One of the fun things about the hobby is adding units to your army; for those who aren’t really into the the minutiea of the game then go ahead and add whatever looks good to your collection but as I am learning; if you want to be able to win some games then you’ll have to spend a bit more time taking some things into consideration before you pick up a new model.

My Necron army are of the Novokh Dynasty; and they are supposed to be blood-thirsty robots who are theoretically able to do well in melee combat hence why I am doing what I can now to take advantage of that by picking units that are supposed to do well in melee.

So right now my Novokh army lists have been built around the following rules that are unique to them:

  • Utilising the Novokh’s stratagem Blood Rites whichs adds 1 Attack to models in a squad
  • Making my Skorpekh Lord the Warlord so I can leverage on Blood-Fuelled fury which is a Warlord Trait that inflicts a Mortal Wound upon an unmodified wound roll of 6
  • Taking advantage of Protocol of the Hungry Void when it activates which allows Novokh to use both directives which improves an attack’s AP on an unmodified roll of 6 and adds 1 to Strength when a unit charges

To try to take advantage of the above, I’ve tried to field the following units in every game I’ve played but to no avail.

Skorpek Destroyers

These guys look really cool too but I struggle to get them into melee which makes me wonder if I am using them wrong or maybe I need 3 more?


I’m hoping these guys can do some damage whilst escorting a Noble HQ with their Invulnerable Saves so he can unleash hell on the enemy. I need to pick the right HQ now who devastates in melee.

Skorpekh Lord

This guy is too cool not to field and he does do very well in melee. The struggle right now is how do I get him into melee. Even though he has a movement characteristic of 8 inches it’s a challenge getting him close to do the damage that he is supposed to do. Which is why I’ve started equipping him a Veil of Darkness as a relic so he can teleport with the Skorpekh Destroyers.

So far my army hasn’t fared well as I’ve been playing games against Blood Angels who are much more superior in melee. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a game with other factions to determine if my strategy is viable or not.I guess winning isn’t something I can achieve so soon until I’ve played enough games of Warhammer 40K.

In the meantime I still need to figure things about my Necron army composition. I’d love to get some tips from veteran players and readers alike. So do leave a comment or drop me a line on Facebook. I’d love to ideas about army composition and how you go about putting your own army lists together.

Till next time, have a fun time hobbying and an even more fun time gaming!

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