Beginner Tip: Masking

This seems basic to any form of painting but I just thought I’d share this simple tip to everyone.

Masking allows you to protect some areas of your model during the painting process. In the example below; I masked the transparent bases of these Necron Tomb Blades to avoid getting paint on them before priming.

Tomb Blades wit Masked Off Bases

Masking can also be used to achieve certain effects by applying the tape on in various configugrations. For example if you need to paint on a stragith line or camo effects.

ScotchBlue Tape Applied Al Over the Transparent Base

I would recommend getting branded tape such as 3M’s ScotchBlue painter’s tape as the adhesive would be friendlier especially when it’s time to peel the tape off.

Till next time, happy hobbying!

One thought on “Beginner Tip: Masking

  1. A quick tip for you. If you’re masking over a painted area, regular painter’s tape may not be your best bet, its adhesive can still lift modeling acrylics and enamels. I like you use Tamiya tape or other scale modeling tapes.


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