Unit Feature: Necron Lychguards

True to the theme of my army, I built up a squad of 5 Lychguards to engage enemies in melee plus these guys function as bodyguards Noble HQ units such as the Necron Lord and Necron Overlord.

Lychguards can be built 2 different ways:

  • Warscythe – this makes them more deadly in melee with a higher Strength characteristic & Armour Penetration characteristic plus it causes 2 damage for every successful wound roll
  • Hyperphase Sword + Dispersion Shield – this configuration makes them a lot more hardy and one hard lesson I’ve learned is that if you can’t get your melee-based troops into hand-to-hand combat; it’s pointless to equip them with high damage weapons.

Lychguards can’t move very fast though as they only have a Move characteristic of 5″ which is pretty poor.

Their “Guardian Protocols” ability would be pretty useful though as the aura around Lychguard units is able to protect Infantry Nobles within 3″ of them. What this means is that a HQ within their bubble of protection can’t be targeted.

This makes a unit of Necron Lychguard hardy body guards and perhaps they’d be of use in holding objectives. I can’t wait to field them in my next game.

Till next time, happy hobbying!

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