Hobbying Tip: Sub-Assemblies

What is a Sub-Assembly?

A sub-assembly basically is collection of components that have been assembled into larger sections without glueing the entire model fully. The video below whilst a little on the extreme side demonstrates what sub-assemblies are.

Why Use Sub-Assemblies?

The reason why one would do so is ease further work on the model such as painting. I did this recently with my Deathwatch Terminator Captain where I kept the cape component separate to so that I could paint both sides of the cape better.

Here are some reasons why one would work with sub-assemblies:

  • Help in the painting of hard to reach areas especially if some parts would be obscured in the fully assembled model
  • Painting of heads; more experienced painters usually work on the heads on their minis separately
  • Kit-bashing. I suppose sometimes it helps to modify a miniature especially if you’re going to be moulding on extra detail to customise your miniature.

Hope this tip helps all you budding hobbyists the next time you work a particularly tricky model.

Happy hobbying!

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