Playing to the Objectives

Warhammer 40,000 is table-tap war game but in 9th Edition it’s a game that’s very much about accomplishing mission objectives. In order to secure Victory Points players are rewarded for accomplishing 2 sets of objectives:

  • The Primary Objective of the Mission being played
  • Mission Secondary Objectives or Faction Secondary Objectives

You get more Victory Points for securing Primary Objectives but being able to accomplish Secondary Objectives especially those that are faction-specific can also help you win a game.

In my last outing against some Blood Angels I made the mistake of being over eager to get my Skorpekh Destroyers into combat and failed to capitalise on an unoccupied Objective Point which I could have easily secured if I had used my Veil of Darkness relic. Oh well.

Something to keep check out in games is to always remember that it’s not always about killing your opponent (unless one of your Secondary Objectives is to wipe out enemy units; if so then proceed to kill them all, heh heh).

Till next time hope this basic tip helps you out in your next game.

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