Pre-Game Preparation

As I gain more experience gaming I realise that familiarity with the faction you’re playing with is key and that’s why I’ve been spending a lot more time playing Warhammer 40K games with my Novokh army.

Prior to my last match-up against Edward, I spent quite a bit of time going through my Necron Codex picking out Strategems that I’d like to use plus taking note of special rules & abilities that applied to the units I was fielding. This included taking note of Novokh-related bonuses in particular.

As a result I came up with a simple spreadsheet that lists down everything that I need to know as a quick reference of sorts. I didn’t manage to get it to this state that day and spent some time after the game to tidy it up a bit more for future games.

Click on the button to view the Google Sheet I created:

Even though I lost, I played a much better game against my Blood Angel opponent because of the prep work. The final score came up to 66 vs. 45 victory points and that was more because of my over eagerness to get into melee with some of my units.

Necron Tip: One thing to note about playing Necrons is the Command Protocol bonuses that changes in each round of Battle which I had missed out on the first time I fielded my Novokh.

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