My First FULL GAME of Kill Team

Hooray! It seems like I’m getting a lot more game time lately which has taken me away from actual hobbying. I’ve not done much building & painting lately but that’s fine cos’ it feels GREAT to be able to take my minis out for games.

I finally got around to playing a complete game of Kill Team and I must say that I really like the latest edition of the game. It’s fast paced (unlike Warhammer 40,000) and you spend less time waiting around. The main reason-being players alternate turns in moving their units and even if you have less models on the table; there are rules that allow your remaining troops to take out their enemies.

My opponent Tabah fielded the full squad of Kriegsmen from the Octarius box whilst I took my Ork Kommandos out for a spin! We had a fun time rolling dice and we spent about 2-and-a-half hours playing largely because we were a little unfamiliar with all the rules. The time went by just like that and all in all I am liking what Games Workshop has done for Kill Team.

Here’s what I like about the new edition:

  • Each model has a lot more wounds/hit points which increases their survivability
  • The Action Point Limit system is great as it allows elite type armies like Space Marines to do more on the field which evens up the odds against opponents who can field more troops
  • Stratagems & tactics are simpler which makes it easier to use during games even for noobs
  • No waiting around! Because players take turns to move their units; all players are fully engaged. Which is a lot more fun compared to the turn-waiting of Warhammer 40K!
  • Pretty much every weapon has no range restriction which means there’s almost always a target you can open fire on (except for really short range weapons like pistols)

Till next time! Happy hobbying (and gaming!)

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