My First Game in 2022

I played my first game of 2022 all the way in Cyberjaya a couple of weekends ago which turned into a 2 vs. 2 game between the following factions:

Faction 1

Faction 1 was made up of 500++ points of the following Space Marines:

  • Blood Angels (Edward)
  • Salamanders (the Marzuki brothers)
Faction 2

Faction 2 was made up of 500++ points of the following traitors & xenos:

  • Thousand Sons (Mohsen)
  • Novokh Dynasty Necrons (yours truly)

I must say that playing Warhammer 40,000 requires you to really know your army and the various strategems and abilities so it’s worth it to spend the time the day before to go through your codex to pick out some key unit abilities, faction abilities and stratagems you’d like to use. Preparation is pretty important if you wanna at least give your opponent a decent fight.

My Novokh Dynasty dudes really didn’t perform that well that day and I think it’s partially because I missed out on using some of the rules & strategems especially that would have helped them to land more hits in combat. I especially forgot during one turn to enact Reanimation Protocols which was a waste!

On another note I think the Blood Angels fielded by Edward had a lot going for them in terms of his choice of units & what they were armed with. Experience certainly does pay off in Warhammer 40K. Also props to Mohsen and his Thousand Sons; if not for them I think my side wouldn’t have done so well. Nuff’ said.

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