Unit Feature: Technomancer

In one of my crazed buying sprees I managed to get a deal where the seller sold me a Technomancer and that’s how this dude came to be in my collection. To be honest I wasn’t really looking to get him at that point in time but now that I have him all painted up he (or it?) is a pretty cool HQ to have on board.

A Necron Technomancer

I have yet to field him in battle at the time of writing of this article so I’m not too sure how valuable he’ll be. According to the Necron Codex this guy has some equipment & support abilities which can help his fellow Necrons perform better in combat & also to increase their chances of survival in the grim darkness of the 41st millennium:

  • Canoptek Cloak: Gives him the ability to fly and to repair a model within 3″ once per turn; restoring D3 lost wounds
  • Canoptek Control Node: A model within 6 inches adds 1 to their attack hit rolls
  • Rites of Reanimation: In the Command phase, a Technomancer is able to reanimate a model within 6 inches of him; if the unit are Necron Warriors then D3 models are reanimated. This ability is useable once per phase.

I’ve got an upcoming 1,000 point game and I think I’ll give him a spin and include him in my list. Besides, how can you not love him and that little spider-like thing he sort of rides on.

Eensy Weensy Spider went up the water spout

Till next time here’s a quick 360 Showcase video and happy hobbying!

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