Hobby Tip: Telling a Story

Hobbying can be a very personal journey especially if you’re the type who looks to weave a tale as you build each unit in your army.

In my head, the narrative that I’ve put together suggests that this squad is doing their best to survive in a drawn out war of attrition. The equipment they carry also depicts them making do with whatever they have on hand; which is typical of hardened troops like the Death Korps of Krieg.

These minis also depict the squad being a little more at ease, perhaps having a short respite as they await orders for their next charge.

As Kriegsmen were quite likely based on real world troops, I tried to pay homage to French infantrymen who were involved in the trench wars of World War I. The Battle of Verdun demonstrated the courage of French soldiers in what is one of the bloodiest battles of attrition in history.


The next time you’re hobbying why not take some time to tell a story in the way you assemble your miniatures especially if you have a particular squad or unit type that you’re fond of.

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