Hobby Tip: Mixing & Matching

Mixing and matching parts from other kits are one of the easiest ways to create unique poses & load outs for your minis; which is what I’ve tried to do with these Kriegsmen.

In working on my Kriegsmen I wanted to create something different from what comes standard in GW or ForgeWorld kits. By mixing & matching various heads, weapons, etc from the Kill Team Octarius Kriegsmen and some ForgeWorld Kriegsmen I managed to create something pretty special.

The end result?

  • A squad of Kriegsmen with more dynamic poses
  • Unique equipment load outs for each Kriegsmen

Sometimes you really don’t have to go out of your way to create something unique and these guys are good example of how easy it can be to customise your miniatures.

If you’re new to the hobby fret not; just use whatever is in the kits and once you have a larger collection you’d’ve amassed all kinds of bits & bobs that you can then use to create a miniature collection that is unique to you!

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