Unit Feature: The Cryptothrall Agenda

Happy New Year everyone!

To kick off 2022, I’m gonna do a bit of a feature on Necron Cryptothralls whilst I am still in my mood for Necrons.

For some reason I kinda like how they look. I love the design of these guys and how they are posed. Check out the two that came in Indomitus.

Cryptothrall 1

Cryptothrall 2

The cylindrical shell of their torsos makes them look extra cool and even though they aren’t heavy hitters I love how they symbiotically function in the game alongside Crypteks:

  • They function as bodyguards. Enemies can’t target other Cryptek units in their presence and they’ll have to target them first.
  • If they are within 3″ of a friendly Cryptek, their Ballistic Skill is boosted to a 3+ and their Attack characteristic is doubled to 6.

I gotta include them in my next game! Time to breakout the Warhammer 40K app to create a brand new Necron army list.

Till next time! Happy hobbying!

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