Beginner Tip: Correcting Paint Mistakes

The cool thing about miniature painting is that you can always go back in to correct or enhance your Mini after you’re done. A lot of beginners (myself included) have a fear of making mistakes when we first start on the hobby and one of the biggest fears is messing up when you paint.

Well, as someone who has a bit more experience now I can safely assure any beginner that when you’re working with acrylic paints you can always paint over an existing paint job or sections where you’ve changed your mind about the colour.

What does this mean?

  • You can afford not to be neat as you can always go back in to paint over any overspills
  • You can afford to paint over any sections to a different colour should you feel like it without having to strip the paint (it does take longer to paint a lighter colour though so it might take a few coats to repaint a darker area lighter)
  • You don’t have to be so nervous about painting for the first time or to be messy

Here’s an example of a recent change of mind I had for the blade on my Overlord.

Till next time. Happy hobbying!

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