Novokh Melee Benefits

I took my Novokh out for a spin in a simple friendly. The win conditions we set for ourselves was simple:

  • My opponent’s goal was to wipe out 3/4’s of my army
  • My goal was to wipe out half of his (my opponent was playing roughly 500 points of Custodes)
  • First to reach their goal wins

We weren’t really prepared and I honestly missed out on using a lot of the abilities that make the Novokh deadly in melee which prompted me to go through the Necron Codex to pick out key abilities I need to employ in future games:

Dynastic Code: Awakened by Murder
  • +1 to charge rolls
  • When charging, being charged at or in a Heroic Intervention units gain a +1 AP penetration for melee attacks
  • Select both directives when employing Protocol of the Hungry Void
Dynastic Stratagem: Blood Rites

For the measly cost of 1 CP, add +1 Attack to models in melee

Dynastic Warlord Trait: Blood-Fuelled Fury

Warlord melee attacks inflicts bonus +1 mortal wound for unmodified wound rolls of 6.

Command Protocol: Protocol of the Hungry Void

  • Unmodified melee wound rolls of 6 get +1 AP
  • When charging, being charged or in a Heroic Intervention melee attacks get +1 to Strength

That’s all from me today! Hope everyone’s having an awesome time this Christmas; happy hobbying!

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