Anatomy of a Novokh

Hi everyone,

Here’s fairly detailed post that highlights the thought process I went through in picking the colours for my Novokh Dynasty army. I’ll also show some examples and the thinking that guided me as I picked out the details that would use a particular colour.

My Starting Point – Photos from the Necron Codex

As a starting point I referred to the Necron Codex to pick out the core colours for my colour scheme which consists of:

  • Leadbelcher (this here is my shortcut colour which allows me to prime without having to base coat)
  • Evil Sunz Scarlet (I picked this over Mephiston Red because I wanted a brighter red for the red sections which define a member of the Novokh)
  • Runelord Brass (for bladed weapons & small details like the bolts)
  • AK 110011 White for the neat white stripe that goes on the heads & some of the more visibles bits on some units
  • Tesseract Glow that goes on top of Leadbelcher to give that glowy effect on the weapons. I love this colour cos’ it has a sickly yellowish green hue that works either as a weapon glow or some sort of icky slime that goes well for Death Guard

Short Cutting the Process

Painting things faster is always at the top of my mind hence going with Leadbelcher as the main metallic colour for my Novokh. Being able to use a Leadbelcher rattle can helps tremendously when priming so I don’t have to spend time basing everything with Leadbelcher.

Visual Focal Points

The visual focal point for my Novokh that I picked this time around is the white stripe that I placed on their heads and selected body bits. Additionally to add a bit more variety I also used Tesseract Glow for the orb-like bits and Runelord Brass for cables, bladed weapons and some of the bolts on the Necrons.

Here are some examples where this occurs.

Canoptek Wraith
  • A white stripe on the body of the Canoptek Wraith
  • Tesseract Glow on the orb-like bits
  • More Tesseract Glow on Leadbelcher on more orb like bits
Canoptek Reanimator
  • A white stripe on the body of my Canoptek Reanimator
  • A white stripe on the Reanimator’s head
  • Tesseract Glow on Leadbelcher for the bits that appear like a light-source or an orb
  • More Tesseract Glow on the orb at the centre of the mini; plus Runelord Brass for the cables that snake everywhere on the model
Skorpekh Lord
  • A white stripe for the Skorpekh Lord’s head and one for his clawed arm plus Tesseract Glow for the orbs
  • Tesseract Glow on the 2 prominent orbs on his shoulder blades
Skorpekh Destroyer
  • A white stripe on the head and also on the shoulder blade (can you see a sorta pattern emerging?)
  • Tesseract Glow on Leadbelcher for some of these orb bits
  • Tesseract Glow plus selected parts of the appendages were painted red to add more colour to my Skorpekh Destroyers
Necron Warriors
  • For the lowly Necron Warriors, a white stripe on their heads plus a bit of Runelord Brass for some of their joint bolts
  • Runelord Brass for the cables on the weapon and the obligatory Tesseract Glow the energy-based components on their gauss flayers
  • And of course selected bits of their arms & legs were painted red as well to add more variety to the colour scheme
Here’s the whole gang… I have half a mind to revisit the bladed weapons to
repaint them with Leadbelcher followed by the Tesseract Glow treatment

Hope this post helps all of you out there in your colour scheming.

Till next time. Happy hobbying!

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