The Novokh Dynasty

There isn’t much about the Novokh Dynasty in the 9th Edition Codex and the Internet so I’m going to take some creative liberties in my write-up.

Here’s what’s official in the codex and a bit of what I’ve found online:

  • The Novokh are the most blood-thirsty of the Necrons
  • When they were still mortal, the Novokh Dynasty practiced long & elaborate blood rituals and these remained in their personality engrams after biotransference
  • These engrams are triggered in battle which causes a surge in aggression the moment blood is spilled on the battle field
  • The Novokh Dynasty is based in the Ultima Segmentum which puts them in direct conflict with the Ultramarines

Here’s how I imagine them to be based on what is available in the lore.

My Interpretation of the Novokh

The Novokh were skilled melee warriors who were berserkers in battle; a trait they still carry today as Necrons. They practiced blood rituals as a rite of battle and these rituals remained ensconced in their cybernetic engrams which makes them more blood-thirsty compared to other members of their race.

The Novokh have embraced their cybernetic existence; they see themselves as perfect warriors who are able to martial their fury in decimating their foes. They seek to herald the dawn of a galaxy under Necron rule and for life to be replaced by the purity of biotransference.

The Novokh are rage. They are the fury of battle. The are the tip of the spear that will herald the dawn of a new age for the Necrons. Unlike their brethren; they embrace their cybernetic nature as it has given them immortality and the ability to achieve purity in battle.

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