Necrons of Note

Like any other faction in the Warhammer 40K universe, the Necrons too have a couple of hero characters.

As I’m still discovering the lore behind this interesting; there are 2 characters that stand out to me at this point time. Based on what little I know of them; they are super intriguing to me.

Szarekh, the Silent King

  • Szarekh is responsible for the deal with the C’tan that resulted in the biotransference that transformed his people into Necrons
  • He was the one who ultimately betrayed the C’tan; imprisoning them in Tesseract Labyrinths & C’tan shards
  • The Silent King ordered the Necrons to enter the Great Sleep which resulted in their 60 millenia long slumber
  • Szarekh went into exile as penance for his role in the transformation of the Necrons but is now back to awaken his people due to the threat of the Tyranids & Chaos

Trazyn, the Infinite

  • Trazyn is a collector of sorts; preserving histories and artefacts regardless of their origin in his galleries
  • His sole purpose for war is to expand his collection
  • Trazyn played an instrumental role in the events of the Fall of Cadia; aiding the Imperium for his own ends
  • What I find most interesting about Trazyn is that he has a perfect clone of the Primarch Fulgrim in his collection

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