Starting a Necron Army

If Egyptian-like killer robots are your cup of tea you can always pick up a Necron Combat Patrol which gives you everything you need for a 500 point game but just for fun I came up with an under 500 point list based on my Novokh Dynasty necrons who are more melee oriented. A box of Necron Warriors would set you back RM170 and the Canoptek Wraiths and Skorpekh Destroyers would come up to RM200 each. You can save up some by getting a Command Edition Starter which would also give you some Space Marines (the savings only applies if you can sell off the Space Marine half).

After doing some research I can’t seem to find a standalone model for the Skorpeth Lord the smallest set he’s available in is the Necron Royal Court set (USD 110). This isn’t the most cost-efficient way but it’ll give you a powerful melee army I believe.

Skorpekh Lord

Points Cost: 130

Scary and big! He’s a great HQ choice. The best way to pick him and most of the other units in this list is via the Necron half of the Indomitus boxed set which is a little scarce these days but if you look around in the local community I still see people letting go of their Indomitus minis.

  • Ennmitic annihilator
  • Flensing claw
  • Hyperphase harvester

Necron Warriors

Points Cost: 130

A 10-man Necron Warrior squad would give your army some backline fire and you can either equip them with gauss flayers (a longer range weapon) or gauss reapers. You can of course mix & match the two weapons in the squad.

Loadout Options
  • Gauss flayers; or
  • Gauss reapers

Skorpekh Destroyers

Points Cost: 105

These guys are brutal in melee and they look super cool. Plus if you pick up the kit you also get a plasmacyte which you can opt in for other army builds.

Unit 1
  • Hyperphase reap-blade
Unit 2
  • Hyperphase threshers

Canoptek Wraiths

Points Cost: 125

These things are fast and deadly and for the most part they’d be kitted out with the following. You can opt to have them all equipped with vicious claws & the particle caster but just for variety my list swaps out one of them with the whip coils and the transdimensional beamer (takes up 5 points in your army build).

Units 1 & 2
  • Vicious claws
  • Particle caster
Unit 3
  • Whip coils
  • Transdimensional beamer

For paints there are the colours I use for my Novokh Dynasty Necrons.

Base colours
  • Leadbelcher (dull metal)
  • Evil Sunz Scarlet (bright red)
  • Runelord Brass (brassy metallic)
  • AK 110011 White
  • Abaddon Black (for painting the base)

I don’t really use highlights on my Necrons but I just brighten them up a bit with the same base colours after applying washes.

  • Runelord Brass
  • Evil Sunz Scarlet
  • Nuln Oil (applied on all the metallic bits)
  • Reikland Fleshshade (applied on the brass and red bits)
  • Agrax Earthshade (if i want to dirty up the white striped bits)

The above is just how I paint my Necrons and of course you’re free to choose the colours of another dynast or to even create your own!

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