Starting a Grey Knight Army

If you’re thinking of starting a Grey Knights army that harnesses the power of the warp through their Psykers here is a simple build I came up with that would give you a basic 500-point army. I’m not sure if the army would be effective but as Grey Knights are an Elite army I figure they’d be able to hold their own as they are all equipped with storm bolters as part of their basic load out.

The build below would require you to purchase of the 2 Strike Squad kits and 1 Grey Knight Brother Captain kit. The Strike Squad kits are RM233 as of 23/11/2021 and the Brother Captain is priced at USD25 on the GW web store so I’m guessing it’d be about RM100++ at a local FLGS.

1 Brother Captain

Points Cost: 140

This guy serves as your HQ and warlord. With an upgrade you’ll round up the army to exactly 500 points.

  • Nemesis force sword
  • Master-crafted storm bolter
  • Upgrade: Gifts of the Prescient – Severance Bolt

2 Strike Squads

Points Cost: 235

Two 5-man squads which you can put together easily with 1 Storm Strike kit.

  • Justicar: Nemesis force sword / storm bolter
  • Nemesis force sword / storm bolter
  • 2X Nemesis falchion / storm bolter
  • Psilencer
  • Psycannon
  • Justicar: Nemesis force halberd / storm bolter
  • Nemesis daemon hammer / storm bolter
  • Nemesis force sword / storm bolter
  • Nemesis force sword / storm bolter
  • Nemesis warding stave / storm bolter

The basic units can be configured a variety of ways but I like to vary up the weapons so the army looks interesting.

1 Purifier Squad / Interceptor Squad

Points Cost: 125 / 120

One 5-man Purifier Squad would give you some Elites to work with. A Purifier Squad is kinda like a Space Marine Veteran Squad which would require more work on differentiating the helmets and the pauldrons. That’d leave you with 5 spares that can be built as an Interceptor Squad which would give you a Fast Attack unit that you can replace the Purifier Squad with. Their weapon loadouts are fairly similar.

  • Knight of the Flame: Nemesis force sword / storm bolter
  • Nemesis force sword / storm bolter
  • Nemesis force halberd / storm bolter
  • 2X Nemesis falchion / storm bolter
  • Nemesis daemon hammer / storm bolter

Paints-wise these are the colours that I use for my Grey Knights:

Base colours
  • Leadbelcher (a dull metal)
  • Mephiston Red (a deep red)
  • Retributor Armour (a bright gold)
  • AK 110011 White
  • Rakarth Flesh (a light tan for the purity seals & flesh)
  • Talassar Blue (I use this in a light coat over Leadbelcher on the swords, halberds and for the eyes of the minis)
  • Abaddon Black (for painting the base)
  • Ironbreaker (a brighter metallic shade)
  • Evil Sunz Scarlet (a bright red)
  • Nuln Oil (I use this for all the metallic bits)
  • Reikland Fleshshade (I use this for the gold and red bits)
  • Agrax Earthshade (I use this for the fleshy bits)

Being a creative hobby you are of course welcome to create your own colour scheme and to spin-off your army as a Successor Chapter of your own. If you do, feel free to send me some pix of your army as I’d love to feature Successor Chapters of unique army colour schemes.

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