Top 5 Koolest Warbosses

Hi everyone!

We continue Orktober by checking out 5 of the most notoroius warbosses in Ork-dom. I’m by no means an expert on the Ork Kultur but after scouring the internet and reading up I’ve picked these 5 whom I think are the Koolest!

The Beast

This dude is probably the most powerful that ever lived & was responsible for a Waaagh that nearly destroyed the Imperium of Man. Surprisingly The Beast may not have actually just been warboss actually could have been a collection of 6 “Prime-Orks”! The Beast is KOOL cos’ he/they almost wiped out the Imperium and that is something that any Ork would deem KOOL in Ork Kultur!


Ghazghkull Thraka

The Prophet of the Waaagh! would be no stranger to 40K fans especially has he has an uber kool mini for the table-top. Suffice to say, he is the big bad Ork right now causing mayhem in the universe. He is Commissar Yarrick’s nemesis which was featured in one of the early episodes of Hammer & Bolter on Warhammer+. Ghazghkull’s KOOL cos’ he has a KOOL mini! Heh … but more than that he’s KOOL cos’ he can commune with the Ork gods.



The Mighty Mangler of Bork had humble beginnings as a primitive thug who rose to infamy after eating a mutated Squig. He awoke, transformed into the being who would come to be known as Klawjaw and founded the Ork Empire of Bork. Klawjaw is known for taking on united Imperium forces that were made of of Imperial Guard, Ultramarines, Dark Angels, Howling Griffons and Blood Angels! Klawjaw’s KOOL cos’ he became great after eating that mutated Squig! Such humble origins.



The Speedlord Supreme rides an insanely huge Battlewagon named the Planet Grinda. His biggest achievement was the invasion of Vigilus where he commanded his forces from Fort Dakka and was allied to another dude named Zogbag. He’s KOOL because he named his Battlewagon Planet Grinda and also cos’ he’s an Ork Speedboss!



An ally of Ghazghkull, Ugulhard is KOOL cos’ he’s da one who took Commissar Yarrick’s left arm in kombat! He’s last on this list cos’ unfortunately Commissar Yarrick beheaded him with his chainsword. Oh well… at least his Klaw survives on Yarrick’s left arm.


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