The Good, The Bad & The Grey

3 Tips to Avoid Hobby Fatigue

Since I started hobbying at the end of 2020, I’ve accumulated a large number of new & second-hand Games Workshop miniatures which has caused my backlog to explode.

I really do enjoy assembling & painting my miniatures but like many others before me I’ve come to the realisation that it’s impossible to keep up with GW’s releases. Not being able to game is also one of the reasons why you can get demotivated (things’ll get better in time so be of good cheer folks!).

Here are 3 tips for budding hobbyists that’ll help get your miniatures off their sprues and ultimately freeing them from their boxes.

3 Tips to Avoid Hobby Fatigue
Tip 1: Alternate Between Painting & Building

A simple method to keep up your momentum is to switch between building & painting. It’s a simple way to stave off fatigure and to avoid cramps!

Tip 2: Build & Paint Different Things

Due to my overindulgence I have a pretty wide selection of minis to build & paint from across GW’s catalogue. But what this means is that I don’t get bored as painting beyond my core collection shakes things up for me.

If you invest time in skirmish level games; you’ll also end up having squads you can use in games like Kill Team. Vary your collection and I guarantee you’ll be less bored.

So don’t be afraid to pick up some odd things if you spot a good deal!

Tip 3: Share Your Work

Sharing your work with a community of like-minded folk is great and some critique can help you to improve as well. It is a feat in itself to get a mini built and painted so be proud of what you’ve accomplised!

Hobby Time & Weekend Update

Managed to work on these 3 Tactical Space Marines on Saturday. And today I played an introduction game of Marvel Crisis Protocol which was pretty fun even though I lost!

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