Hobby Time Update (11 Sept 2021)

The result of 2 Hobby Time hangouts

Hobby Time has been pretty fun and even though the group is small we have some regulars in the Marzuki brothers from Putrajaya.

Here’s a quick shout out to those of you who swing by yesterday afternoon for some hobbying & chatter.

  • Seng Chea
  • The Marzuki brothers
  • James
  • Peter (hope your eyes recover soon & you can hobby again ASAP)

James stuck on for the whole time painting some of his Fenrisian Wolves, whilst Seng Chea came for a bit as he had a 3,000 point Necron commission to finish. One of the Marzuki brothers is still working on his Predator.

As a result of the 2 Hobby Time hang outs so far I now have 3 Grey Knights ready for the table top. I’ll probably paint up another 2 today to complete the squad of 3 for the new Kill Team.

Anyways, hope to see more of you at Hobby Time next week on Saturday at 3pm!

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