Kill Team Octarius Community Unboxing!

It’s finally here! Kill Team Octarius!

I have a copy of the new Kill Team Octarius Starter Set and the Kill Team Compendium which details out how you can use other Warhammer 40K miniatures in the brand new game.

Kill Team 3.0

There are other unboxing videos out there as reviewers got early copies way before this so I’m going to do something different for the Malaysian community.

The plan isto do a Community Unboxing where I’ll let everyone call out what they want to see so we can all take a close look at the contents of the box plus we’ll also thumb through the rule books and the compendium so everyone can get a better idea of how your favourite factions can be used in the new game.

Check out the live event which will be held on Google Meet which is currently my medium of choice that makes such events more conversational.

Click the button below to respond to the Facebook Event which will help me to manage RSVPs.

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