Space Hulk: Part 3

Hi everyone!

Starting up the StormGate social pages and this blog has been super helpful in maintaining my momentum in my bid to paint up all my gray. I pushed myself out of the weekend laziness and finished up the last of the Space Hulk terminators over the last few days. Here are all of them in their full glory!

I’m not going to do any highlights as they are pretty much ready for the table top. In fact, the plan now really is to get just enjoy painting all my minis and only spend more time on those that I really like.

Painting these terminators was a pretty interesting experience as I couldn’t really do them assembly line style that much with the exception of the initial Mephiston Red base for the armour and maybe the Ushabti Bone helmets. It was just too tempting to start painting up the individual detail on each mini as I felt it was a shame to leave such glorious miniatures uncompleted.

These Blood Angels really do deserve a revisit at a later date to make them look better but for now I’m pretty happy that they’re all painted up. Or maybe I’ll never get back to them. We’ll see…

The genestealers are up next but let’s see what happens as I feel like painting up some more Deathwatch as I picked up a Start Collecting! Box, some second-hand Deathwatch Vets and the more recent Deathwatch Combat Patrol over the last few weeks.

P.S. If you haven’t yet read Part 1 & 2 of Space Hulk; follow these links – Space Hulk: Part 1 and Space Hulk: Part 2

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