Men of Tanith, Do You Want to Live Forever?!

Games Workshop recently released a new version of Gaunt’s Ghosts and it looks to be one of the best designed Astra Militarum miniatures to date. If GW keeps this up, IG players have a lot to look forward to in the near future!

But why wait? Sabbat World has a wealth of lore and backstory for any hobbyist to get into. Fans of the Irons Snakes, White Scars, or Chaos forces will feel right at home here.

Let’s focus on the main cast of the saga which is the Tanith First and Only as the focus point of this hobby adventure. And of course, just like any other war in the 41st Millennium, an Astra Militarum regiment seldom fights alone.

We shall be doing some conversions to include the arrogant 50th Volpone Regiment as elite soldiers in the mix, as well as some Forge World flyers to represent the Phantine Air Corps who will bring some much needed air support to the tabletop. Oh, it is important to mention that I’ll be assembling a battle-forged army in the process, so this army is not just for show, but works for a real game as well!

Without further ado, let’s jump into the Gaunt’s Ghosts box set!

After studying each one of the six individual models, I decided that the best way to paint and make the most out of this kit, is to via sub-assemblies and to paint them up separately. Here’s how I went about the sub-assemblies.

And because I’m old school, bases comes before paint!

I’m also putting together a squad of Militarum Tempestus to represent the 50th Volpone Regiment with mixed parts from leftovers from a Tempestus sprue and some Cadian Guardsmen parts. To top it off I’ve ordered some plasma guns bits to add some punch against MEQ units.

It’s the 50th Volpone Regiment!

As mentioned earlier, in absence of heavy armour, this mixed regiment will receive some air support, Flyers from the Phantine Air Corps are expected to turn the tide of battle to their favour if they are in a pinch.

There you have it folks, I’ve just laid out the plans for the month to complete this mixed regiment. Stay tuned as we try to bring daily updates on the progress of this army.

Men of Tanith, Do You Want to Live Forever?!

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