Warhammer 40K 2nd Edition

The Warhammer 40,000 2nd Edition Starter Set

This is where it all started when I was 16. My family was in Melbourne visiting my aunt’s family when I stumbled upon this at a store. I managed to convince my parents to pick this up for me & my brother which is how I came to own this piece of Warhammer 40K nostalgia.

Unfortunately I never did play with them much as a teen & I had no clue how to paint em’. My brother and I couldn’t quite grasp the complex rules and it wasn’t fun to play with gray plastic; which led to the entire set going into storage until that faithful day last year when I stumbled upon the Warhammer store in Publika.

My dad brought down the set from my hometown last year; which helped to kick-off my current Warhammer 40K obsession. I can’t remember how much we paid for the set but that box certainly came with a lot of stuff. There’s a certain amount charm to these older minis and I’m glad I have em’.

Anyways, I primed and painted the Space Marine half of the set as Ultramarines and voila; they look pretty “cute”. Stocky. Cookie cutter. I love em!

If you’re a Malaysian Warhammer 40K fan, what was your first experience of the grimdark world of the 41st millennium? Do share your stories with everyone.

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