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If you live in the Klang Valley come visit us in Emporis, Kota Damansara for a game of cards or Warhammer. We’d love to host you & your friends!

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The Ideal TCG Ecosystem

Flesh and Blood cards are a beautiful thing, but given time you’ll definitely find yourself swamped by a deluge of Rares and Majestics that’ll force you to store your extras away in an album or box at home. Why do we hold on to these cards? At the heart of it, it all comes down…

KT Spec Ops Season 1: Update 02

Mission update. Planet Nightfall. Sporadic transmissions have been received from the planet’s surface and our Phobos units have rendezvoused with a crack team of Adeptus Mechanicus operatives. Later transmissions indicate that the planet could be a Necron Tomb World. A horde of Necrons emerged from the Green Skin ruins that in an attempt to halt…

KT Spec Ops Season 1: Update 01

Mission update. Planet Nightfall. Our last report from the planet’s surface indicated the presence of 3 other Kill Teams operating in the sector. The heretic Thousand Sons, a mixed band of Chaos Legionaires who early sightings seem to indicate the Alpha Legion are in the sector. A squad of Kriegsmen who happened to detect the…

Our Vision


Assembling your minis, painting, kit-bashing, building your TCG decks, homebrew strategies & more… we hope our journey can inspire & also guide new comers to a hobby that they love.

The Lore

We’ve been drinking the Warhammer 40,000 & Flesh and Blood coolade and it is good! There are so many ways to get into these games and deep-diving into the Lore is just one of the ways you can enjoy the hobby.


We hope to form a fun and welcoming hobby community that is especially friendly to newcomers with a lot of beginner-friendly activities. As we move forward, we also aim to organise competitive events.

About Us

We are a hobby store & community located in Emporis, Kota Damansara.

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